The Future of Customer Experience - Agent Experience Video

See a glimpse of what the agent experience in today’s digital world can look like.

>> Meet Ken, Ken is a Car-Go customer service representative. Who handles inquiries across all touch points and media. To be efficiency and effective, and to ensure that his customers have a positive experience, Ken manages all of Car-Go's inbound customer service channels from one custom workspace. Ken loves his job.

He specializes in roadside assistance, helping customers when they need it the most. Meet Matt. Matt just bought a new car from Car-Go and finds any excuse to take a road trip. Returning home from a long weekend hiking, Matt senses his new car isn't driving quite right. And notices an alert on his dashboard.

Matt pulls over and sees that one tire is nearly flat. Poor Matt. Matt is pleasantly surprised when he receives an invitation to chat with a service agent on Car-Go's mobile app he installed when he bought his car. It seems as though his new connected car detected low tire pressure, and proactively sent a notification.

Matt responds, and is automatically connected with Ken. Ken sees Matt's location and quickly begins assisting. While Matt was waiting on Ken, he answered a few questions to help Ken diagnose Matt's problem. Ken receives all relevant information via his workflow in real time. Ken can see from Matt's customer history that he purchased his car about a month ago.

Has since tweeted about its utility and comfort, has taken advantage of his free car wash, as well as browsed their online parts department for specialized accessories. Ken knows Matt is a happy customer, with high lifetime value potential. Service is key. Armed with Matt's current customer journey showing his activity in the mobile app and on the website for service hours, he knows just what to do.

Ken asks Matt to move to video so Matt can show him his flat tire. Matt accepts Ken's video request. Ken quickly determines that a tow truck is required, as there is some minor damage. Ken requests immediate roadside assistance from their tow partner, right from his custom workspace, and shares Matt's GPS location information.

Ken and Matt both receive confirmation from wrecker service that a driver is available and can be there in about 20 minutes. Ken needs to get Matt a loaner car. He confirms with Matt that the dealership is his location of preference to pick up his rental and style of car he prefers.

Matt selects a convertible as a fun change for the beginning of the work week. Ken chats with the dealership to confirm they have a convertible. And to make sure its ready for Matt's arrival. Matt requests a phone call to confirm his repairs and approximate time to complete them.

Ken also offers to send Matt an SMS when his car is ready for pick up and sets up both reminders. Matt, once again, is elated with the service he received from Car-Go and posts a positive review and tweet. Car-Go is happy to receive Matt's unsolicited and glowing feedback.

Ken is over the moon when he is awarded, customer rep of the month. This is just a glimpse of the future. Of how you can enable your employees to help customers in a smart digital world. Your employees are a critical part of the overall customer experience. Are you giving your agents the tools they need to get the job done quickly and effectively?

With Avaya you can digitally transform your customers and agent experience. By providing the right solutions in the moment for an informed, simple, and smart agent experience.