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The E-Rate Opportunity

Capitalize on E-Rate funding to build your school or library network to open the path to new educational opportunities for your students and teachers. Avaya’s Wireless LAN 9100 series access points will give you expanded Wi-Fi capacity now and in the future. It also provides the tools to manage your network as an educational resource. Learn more in this 2-minute explainer video. For more information, visit www.avaya.com/erate.

>> E-Rate is an opportunity for your school district or library to get the network you need to educate today and in the future. An Avaya Wi-Fi solution gives you more network capacity to address BYOD, one-student-one-device, hybrid classrooms, and other trends. You also get the tools you need to effectively manage your network as an educational resource.

The Avaya Wireless LAN 9100 Series access point, and Avaya network switches and routers, are 100% E-Rate eligible and will give you more network capacity. Our software programmable radios allow you to maximize your wireless performance and tailor your environment to your end-user requirements. Avaya also offers both on-premise or cloud based management, reducing the demands on IT administrators, and allowing your wireless network to be deployed and be administered quickly and easily.

More bandwidth within the classroom will open up new educational opportunities for teachers and students. It's also important that you have the ability to control how your network is used. AVAYA's wireless LAN 9100 provides granular application control to ensure that your educational applications have priority over students' personal and social media applications.

AVAYA is one of the only E-Rate vendors that will take you beyond building a better network for faculty and students. The Avaya products you get with E-Rate could also be used as a platform to address school safety with video surveillance and physical security solutions. Avaya and our business partners in your school district are ready to help you design, engineer, and implement and end-to-end networking solution.

Contact Avaya for assistance with E-Rate purchases and to get an in-depth overview of Avaya's networking solutions.
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