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The Avaya Partnership with Afiniti

Avaya CEO Jim Chirico and Afiniti CEO Zia Chishti talk about the vast new opportunities opening up for customers in contact centers. At the heart of it all is the highly successful AI-based behavioral pairing of matching contacts to agents.

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The partnership with Afiniti is actually very exciting. It provides Avaya an opportunity to continue to deliver to our customers the technology they need in order to improve the overall customer experience. Merging the capabilities from Afiniti with the market leading position of Avaya and the Contact Center is really a home run.

And the success that you've demonstrated along with our success is really a recipe that I'm really looking forward to and building out.
>> Yeah, we have a very similar feeling about that Jim. Avaya has been the longstanding market leader in the space. And we've been doing our part over the last ten years, building up in the that really extends the capabilities if you're a dominant position.

So we view the partnership as integral to what we're doing and really very promising to our joint clients. Maybe we can set a whole new standard in the industry what we can accomplish together which is very, very exciting for us. It really is a good cultural fit, I think, as I look at the core values that both teams share.

It's innovation, it's teamwork, it's a customer focus, it's a desire to collaborate in a very participatory way. All of those are essential ingredients for success in the partnership and I think both of our organizations have that in spades.
>> One of the things I have a real appreciation for now is really the skills and capabilities that Afiniti has to offer.

Any time you bring great people together with great teams together with great companies really is a real winning formula. So a couple of Afiniti's capabilities there with Avaya. It really will be an exciting time, yeah, as we continue to deliver what our customers require, to deliver value. I can tell you, the energy, even inside our R&D community, and equally important, inside our sales and marketing organizations, is phenomenal.


>> In that vein, Jim, Avaya is the first major ACD provider in the world to really take it to this level of integration. So you guys are clearly leading the pack in terms of your willingness to engage with the broader ecosystem. To bring new partners to bear, to bring new technologies that surround and amplify the core platform that you have and millions of users across the world.

And I think that as that strategy continues to gain traction you guys will continue to maintain and extend your lead in the marketplace. So I'm very excited about that.
>> Yeah, I'll tell you, as any manufacturer you have an opportunity to build, you could acquire or you can partner.

And as we looked at this, it was very simple. We needed to partner with Afiniti. We could never bring these solutions to market as quickly and more efficiently than we can with partnering with Afiniti. So, we are really looking forward to delivering. Not only world class contact center solutions, we're coupling that with world class AI solutions for the contact center.

It's going to be a real homer.
>> Yeah, and the time frame that we've established for ourselves is aggressive but achievable.
>> We are investing an awful lot in not only technology, but partnerships as well. And this again, will really put Avaya in our rightful place. And we wouldn't be there without the technology and support of [INAUDIBLE] your team and Afiniti.

So I want to say on behalf of all Avayans, thank you. Thank you very much.
>> Well, allow me to return the compliment and a thanks, Jim. We wouldn't be here but for your support and your driving this whole process with the organization forward. It's rare that you find an icon of the industry like Avaya have the courage and the capacity to really embrace change at the speed of which you guys are doing.

And you're really transforming the organization in that way. That's the ultimate test of success for a big business. Can you guys stay ahead of the times as they evolve and we have that experience.
>> Well, thank you I appreciate it. Thank you very much.
>> Yeah, thank you very much.