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Telekom Serbia Demonstration

Demonstration shows how Avaya is helping provide seamless omni-channel customer experience model, that provides personal relationship support and paperless operations in branchless, digital bank.

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>> Story about Telekom Srbija is story about close relationship and deep partnership between supplier and Avaya, that resulted, not just improvement of Telekom Srbija key performance indicators and business processes, but also in dramatic transformation of Telekom Srbija business model. Telekom Srbija covers territory of best in Balkan. And on that territory they are absolute market leader in mobile and fixed telephony, internet, and IPTV.

When we started to engage with Telekom Srbija four years ago, Telekom Srbija had quite bad performing contact center, as you can see from this slide. After initial assessment, we created together with telecom roadmap for next four years and we started with execution of the project. As result of that roadmap, we managed to dramatically improve Telekom Srbija key performance indicators.

But we also manage to transform Telekom Srbija contact center from cost center to profit center, because now Telekom Srbija closes significant part of their sales through the contact center. From capability perspective, four years ago Telekom Srbija had simple voice operation and after our roadmap execution, we managed to build a fully omnichannel platform for Telekom Srbija.

And this omnichannel platform is achieved by integrating services that Telekom Srbija offers with customer contacts and 360 degrees customer view. After successful transformation, Telekom Srbija decided to utilize this huge customer base, knowledge about the customers, and resources that became available after transformation in order to enter new business vertical and that is banking.

The main driver for Telekom Srbija was, of course, to increase the revenue, but equally important was to keep the cost at minimal levels. That's why Telekom Srbija decided to run fully digital operation. So bank without the branches. And in this digital bank, Avaya contact center is the main focal point for communication between customers and banking representatives.

And as you know, in banking business, relationship is everything. And if you don't have branches, of course, then contact center solutions with advanced video collaboration are critical for digital banking operations.

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