Sushi Tei Case Study

Sushi Tei brings great food and awesome customer experience to the table. Avaya IP Office helps bring Sushi Tei into the digital age.

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Sushi Tei is home grown bread, established in 1994. Now first of all, is actually a and we are a leading Japanese chain. With about 12 outlets in Singapore and we value quality and goods for the customers.


On a daily basis, we receive a lot of calls from office, and our colleagues a lot of calls from marketing, even from other sources. Previously, we were using an phone, and we have quite such a huge amount every month.


We needed a robust solution, where a lot of employees could collaborate from any device, any place and any time. When I first got my Avaya, I certainly loved the model, the range, the phone, the function, key the features. And more importantly, the price.


With the adoption of the Avaya IP phone, almost half of the incoming calls are [INAUDIBLE]. Driving efficiency and further lowering costs by 10 to 15%. Our staff are getting more productive by leveraging the full system instead of the previous analog system.


Well, Avaya platform fits in really well with our aspirations, and we look for what we do implementing it across the region, to enjoy greater efficiency. Today, Sushi Tei is proud to be able to connect more employees across multiple channels, while delivering the best in customer service through an omni-channel strategy.