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Shouldn’t you be planning on the unplanned outages that are a fact of life in every business? Reports indicate that when a system is down, businesses lose an average of $110,000 an hour. Don’t let outages affect your bottom line. Avaya Support Advantage prevents costly communication outages before they happen, resolves issues quickly and comprehensively when an outage does occur, extends and optimizes the return you get on your investments.

>> [SOUND] You plan on your communication systems being there every minute of the day, day in and day out. But, isn't it more realistic to plan on the unplanned outages that are a fact of life in every business? Analysts say a typical mid-sized business can count on 14 hours of downtime a year, at an average cost of $110,000 per hour.

Losing access to a point of sale solution might create losses of about half that. A disruption in communications to a data center can cost much more. Age of the system is a big factor. One that's seven years old has nearly one in four chance of experiencing a failure.

Stretch that another four years and the chances go up to one in three. A one in three chance to lose an average of $110000 per hour. There must be a better way. And there is Avaya support advantage. The Avaya service that, prevents costly communication outages before they happen, resolve issues quickly and comprehensively when an outage does occur.

Extends and optimizes the return you get on your investments. It starts with sophisticated remote diagnostics enabled by secure always on remote connectivity. Avaya has invested tens of millions of dollars in remote diagnostics and its paid off. When Avaya EXPERT Systems detect an alarm, 99% of the time it's remotely resolved.

There's no need to perform an onsite repair. The problem is gone before anyone even knows it was there. Another exclusive of Avaya technology the Avaya diagnostic server, establishes a state of the art access point that enables a via engineers to remotely simulate calls, perform packet smithing and run stress tests.

Using patented technology, the diagnostic server communicates with smart agents already embedded in a via equipment. And is also designed to reach outside your network to deliver a complete hop by hop analysis of your wide-area network and service provider segments. And there's more. With Avaya Support Advantage, you have a customized page on the Avaya Support website that gives you comprehensive information specific to your business and your systems.

Exclusive access to the Avaya knowledge base with hundreds of thousands of articles that are continually updated. A configuration validation tool you can use to run tests from your smartphone, tablet, or anywhere, and are proven to cut time to diagnose in half. And, in the event of a major system outage, Avaya makes it easy to get through to the Avaya emergency recovery center.

Using the total service outage button, more than 80% of customers with a critical outage are restored in less than two hours. You also get to work with Ava, the innovative Avaya virtual chat solution. Ask Ava any question, and she'll search through the vast Avaya service database, quickly making suggestions, and when it's needed, connecting you directly with an agent.

The transition is seamless. All your information goes with the service request and is instantly available. And when you need even more assistance, being an Avaya Support Advantage customer gives you options. Depending on where you are located, you can get a critical part delivered in as little as two hours, a malfunctioning device replaced overnight, a Service Technician on-site within 24 hours of being called.

An Avaya certified expert to work at your location and perform routine maintenance. An Avaya management associate dedicated to you, who acts as your liaison and trusted advisor. One place to contact for support from a designated team of specialists. You may not need all of these services, so Avaya Support Advantage puts you in charge.

You can choose the services that are right for your needs and your budget. More than 85% of Avaya Enterprise customers choose to rely on not just one, but several Support Advantage Service options. And the reason is simple, Avaya Support Advantage pays for itself. By preventing outages, by resolving system problems quickly and comprehensively, by extending and optimizing your investments, by making it possible to plan for what's unplanned.

Talk to your Avaya representative today, get a free quote. Discover all the ways you can use Avaya support advantage In your business.

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