Sun Life Financial Case Study Video

Sun Life Financial, an international financial services company based on Toronto, Canada, enjoys the benefits of Avaya Aura® Conferencing 7. Handling over three million conference calls and over one million customer calls a month, one of their key requirements as their business grows globally is to have better collaboration options and to give their users a better experience.

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Sun Life Financial's a global organization which has a focus on insurance, wealth management, and a number of other services which provide customers with a lifetime of financial security. Globally, Sun Life, we roughly service about a million calls a month, in terms of customer calls. In the case of audio conferencing we reach about 3 million calls a month.

One of our key requirements as our business grows more globally, is to have better collaboration options. And as a part of our technology solutions, we wanted to give our users a better experience. When we started out with the Avaya Aura Conferencing, I would say I'm very impressed with the capabilities.

Better voice quality, better customization options. Avaya Aura Conferencing offers our employees with a lot of capabilities to do simple things which enhance their productivity. The other attributes we kind of look at is the simplicity in being able to access the system, and Avaya Aura conferencing gives us the level of reliability which we didn't have before.

The biggest testament I can give to it is that I've been using the service for about six to eight months, and I haven't had to call anybody to report an issue. Every CIO has the issue of, how can you be technology innovative, at the same time being cost conservative.

We've certainly addressed our cost concerns with this solution. The results have been stupendous. We are well on the track to kind of achieving our savings ahead of schedule and in fact, our volumes are up at the same point of time. What I would attribute to that is the way Avaya Aura Conferencing has helped us significantly leverage our existing technology investment.

We didn't have to re-engineer our network architectures. So from a technical perspective and a user perception perspective Ayaya Aura has certainly given us the platform through which we can achieve our key goals around cost savings, functionality improvement and the ability to provide our employees and customers with a technical solution which far surpasses their expectations.

Avaya Aura Conferencing has certainly been a great success for us.