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>> All right, let's play hardball.

>> [MUSIC]

>> So, how are we gonna position ourselves?
>> Let's hit the ground running.
>> Let's hammer this out.
>> Let's get our ducks in a row here guys.
>> All right, here's the 30,000 foot view.
>> Let's drill that down.
>> I'll beef it up.
>> Can you put a deck together?


>> Look, I'll do most of the heavy lifting.
>> Okay, I'll put my feelers out.
>> Can you send me the dial-in?
>> What's the dial-in?
>> Hey Lauren, what's the dial-in?
>> I just pinged her.
>> Somebody ping Carl.
>> Loop me in on that.
>> Loop me in on that, will you?


>> Can you guys loop me in on that?
>> So what space are you guys in?
>> Is this B-to-B?
>> Or B-to-C?
>> Is it C-to-C?
>> We're B-to-C-to-B.
>> We're B-to-C-to-B, but back to C sort of.
>> Sometimes A.
>> We're a brick and mortar.
>> We're soup to nuts.


>> Okay, let's IDA.
>> So what's their value proposition?
>> What platform are you using?
>> Who did their UI?
>> Their UX.
>> CSS.
>> IP.
>> ICUP.
>> She's c-level.
>> She's an acquire.
>> A serial entrepreneur.
>> A disruptor.
>> A total disruptor.
>> Dude is a coding ninja!


>> This new app
>> Is cutting edge.
>> Leading edge.
>> Seamless.
>> End to end.
>> Game changing.
>> Disruptive.
>> World class.
>> Freemium.
>> It's pretty much the Uber of food trucks.
>> It's the Uber of dry cleaning.
>> It's like the Uber of tax auditing.


>> It's like the Uber of taxis.
>> What are the deliverables?
>> Are those big gen?
>> Are those included in our best practises?
>> Is that actionable?
>> I’m going to have to marinade on that.
>> I'm not willing to die on that hill.
>> I'm worried about the unknown unknowns.


>> I'm worried about the known knowns. What's our launch date?
>> Do we have a drop dead date?
>> It's going to be 11th hour.
>> It is O dark 30.
>> Look we need more wiggle room.
>> Okay.
>> We'll have to do it on the cheap.


>> Now, is it gross?
>> Is that net?
>> Is that gross or net?
>> IS that net, net?
>> That's net, net?
>> Can you unpack that?
>> What's your guesstimate?
>> That dovetails perfectly into my idea.
>> Mm, I'll put it on the back burner.
>> That's not mission critical.


>> I think that's sideways energy.
>> That's not even in our wheelhouse.
>> I don't have a wheelhouse. I don't even have a house.
>> That's where the rubber meets the road.
>> How can we repurpose that?
>> Can that be monetized? Can it be optimized?
>> Can that be insourced?


>> We just trying to create some cross pollination.
>> That is the silver bullet approach.
>> Can we go under the radar? Can we go over the radar?
>> Maybe we can deincentivize.
>> Can you disambiguate that for me?
>> I read it on TechCrunch.
>> GigaOm.
>> CNET.


>> Mashable.
>> I don't have the bandwidth for that.
>> Can we talk offline?
>> We're gonna have to talk offline.
>> We are talking off line right now. This is talking offline. Guys, we are battling a thousand.
>> There is definitely some synergy here.
>> You guys are like peanut butter and chocolate.


>> That is a win.
>> That's a win, win.
>> We should do a viral video.