Avaya Spaces Demo: Navigating with the Dashboard

Get to know Avaya Spaces in detail. Our how-to videos guide you through the screens and steps you’ll take to accomplish a specific task or action. In this video, meet the Dashboard and learn the features and functionality available.

>> [SOUND] The dashboard is the place you land whenever you launch Avaya Spaces. Use the dashboard to navigate around spaces. The dashboard is the first area you will see, when you log into Avaya Spaces. From the menu on the left, you can access and view My Meeting Room, as well as Recent Spaces and Direct Messages.

On the General tab, you will see a list of all your user spaces, uploaded files across all your Spaces, My Tasks and Completed Tasks. And finally, My Posts. Again, across all of your Spaces. The Team tab lists all members belonging to your company's domain. Under Preferences, you can modify your account settings for notifications and more.

Under Downloads, you will find related plugins and apps for Spaces, such as the Calendar Integration and the Chrome Extension.