Avaya Spaces Demo: Managing My Meeting Room

Get to know Avaya Spaces in detail. Our how-to videos guide you through the screens and steps you’ll take to accomplish a specific task or action. In this video, learn how to make the most of your meeting room to collaborate better than ever before.

>> [SOUND] Use your personal meeting room for ad hoc, voice, and video meetings. Collaborate in real time for one off meetings without leaving a history of your conversation. To start your ad hoc meeting, click on My Meeting Room and start a video call, click the Invite People button to invite your team members or guests to the ad hoc meeting.

You can copy the link of your meeting to the clipboard and send an email or just simply enter the name and select from the list. If the participant is outside of your company domain, just type the email address or phone number. Please note that the only category you can assign to those invited to your personal space is guest.

Once the invitations have been accepted, the participants can join the conference, a list of current participants is shown under People. Additionally, messages and files can be shared in chat. Exit full screen to get better access to messages. Please note that posts and tasks are hidden from the participants.

To end the meeting, simply hang up and click on Yes to confirm the action. You can have your meeting start whenever you access your personal space. Select the drop down menu next to the highlighted personal meeting room and click on Edit Space. Under Preferences, enable Auto-Start My Meeting Room and click on Close.

The next time you access your personal meeting space, the meeting will start automatically.