Avaya Spaces Demo: Creating an Account

Get to know Avaya Spaces in detail. Our how-to videos guide you through the screens and steps you’ll take to accomplish a specific task or action. In this video, learn how to create your own personal Avaya Spaces account.

>> [SOUND] Avaya Spaces runs in a browser, so no downloads are required. You simply open a browser like Google Chrome, visit the Avaya Spaces URL spaces.avayacloud.com, enter you email or phone number, and click on Yes, Sign Me Up. A confirmation email from Avaya Spaces will be sent. Once received, open the email and click on Confirm to enable your new Avaya Cloud account.

Now, you are ready to set up your account from My Account where you can begin by locating and uploading your photo. Next, enter your first name, last name, and password. Reenter your password again and click on Create Account. Click Accept on the Terms of Use for Avaya Spaces page and you will be taken to the dashboard.

Helpful tips is available the first time you log into Avaya Spaces. You can take a tour of Avaya Spaces before you begin or skip and view it later.