Avaya Spaces Demo: Creating a New Space

Get to know Avaya Spaces in detail. Our how-to videos guide you through the screens and steps you’ll take to accomplish a specific task or action. In this video, learn how to create a new Space. Name the Space for your team or project and hand pick the members who will collaborate.

>> [SOUND] You can create a space, to organize your ongoing team collaboration, and to host, one off meetings. To create a space, click on the New Space button, and simply type the name of your space. Invite team members, by entering their name, and selecting from the list. To invite people outside of your organization, simply type their email address.

Assign one of the three categories to each invitee, administrator, member, and guests. Click OK to save the new space. Once the invitations have been accepted, participants can go ahead and access the space. Participants assigned as an administrator or member will have access to the chat, post, tasks, and meetings, and will have access to all historic postings.

You can see a list of participants connected to the space. It shows their online status to the space, and their category, admin, member, or guests. Click on the three dots next to a name, to remove a participant from the space or to reassign their category. Participants assigned as guest will only have access to real time chat.

All historical postings are hidden from view. [SOUND]