Avaya Spaces Demo: Configuring User Preferences

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User preferences allows you to enable notifications to your spaces, set your spaces color theme, re-enable start tutorial and other general settings. The following options applies to all your spaces. From your dashboard, click on Preferences. By default, pop up notifications of new messages received across all your spaces is enabled.

Click on the Disable all notifications toggle to stop receiving pop up notifications. Toggle again to re-enable this feature. Toggle on Play sound notifications to disable or enable playing a tone on all notifications received. The theme Option will let you select the color scheme for displaying the spaces interface.

Click on the drop down to choose between blue and orange. Enabling the Auto accept meeting invites under the general section will automatically accept all invitations to spaces sent to you. The Show Tips on Startup allows you to re enable the brief tutorials when you next login to spaces.

Click on Reset Tips to enable the tutorial to start from the beginning. Under Conference Defaults, you can have your video meetings start automatically each time you access your space. You can also block your camera and mute your microphone when joining any meeting. Click on the X in the top right corner to exit user preferences and return to the dashboard.