Southcoast Healths Tim Rosner Shares Insights on Patient Care

Southcoast Health’s Tim Rosner discusses how he leverages technology to care for patients effectively and achieve goals and outcomes.

>> [MUSIC] My name is Tim Rosner and I work at Southcoast Health. Southcoast Health is a not-for-profit community health care system. We have 55 remote locations. We have three different hospitals, 450 providers, and we provide health care services to the local communities. I think we're making a difference for health care and in the local community and being able to move things forward and provide better health care services. It's all about the patient experience. As the calls come in, for instance, and through the call center, the patient experience to be able to route a call appropriately the first time right and to be able to meet and greet and talk to folks, have that human interaction but also have automation involved, provides a good patient experience. A lot of the new users that come to the health system or expecting to be able to have access to online appointments, test results online through their mobile device, talk to somebody on the phone in a timely fashion, make those changes, get callbacks and such. We're providing a different level of service and an overall different user experience that was not there before and that's where products such as the Avaya platform can help us move forward. Today where everything's based on you being present in the room, and now, we'll be able to remote out to individuals and talk from a distance. If you have, for instance, say your child is in the hospital, maybe grandma is at a remote location and doesn't live close by, you'll be able to possibly include them in the overall conversation that you're having with the doctor. To be able to have a reliable and deterministic customer experience that is the same time and time again that also has the redundancy and the backup and the technology to be able to move forward and to be able to have a platform to be able to build on and not have to reinvent and change out every year, and that's something that a platform [inaudible 00:02:20] to be able to provide those services for us. Southcoast Health is very dependent on uptime capabilities and to able to know that overall infrastructures is in place and operational at all times. It's really more of a strategic relationship. As we move forward, Southcoast Health is in basically a long-term relationship with Avaya. Without Avaya, it would be a much more difficult road for Southcoast Health to be able to move forward in the technology. [MUSIC]