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Avaya TV

Smart IoT Demonstration

Demonstration of seamless, personalised, digital customer experience extended to physical locations  by integrating stand-alone technologies such as video analytics, digital signage, biometrics, IOT, and artificial intelligence.

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So welcome to the smart IoT stand at GITEX 2017. My name is. What we're trying to show here is the blending of UC into the IoT enabled workstreams. So what we're basically trying to do is automate workflows by integrating with our UC platforms through both and Equinox clients as well.

Now, to start off the experience for a visitor who is coming into Gitex starts through a virtual agent that we call Noor. Noor is a platform that's available on social, both Facebook Messenger as well as Twitter, and it's also available on mobile or on desktop. Noor will be able to answer questions to all visitors who are coming from all around the world to guide them around the experience of visiting Gitex.

It tells us where the exhibition takes place. Helps them with the accommodations, transportation, what is the best place to get here. And also answers questions about what are we showing. Noor also can collect the feedback from visitors, and then provide it through chain, to the demos that we have tracking our customer experience index for this time.

Noor also integrates with Biz. So it can also tell you more statistics around the logistics of demographics and people who are coming in to visit our stand at this year's Gitex. So we have developed an app specifically for our stand at Gitex and we really wanted to use it as a proof of concept of how a smart environment in a customer venue would look like.

So you split the app into three different parts. One part's around gathering analytics around the visitors coming into our pod. The second one is around personalized customer experiences. And the third one is around safety and security. So I'll take you through the Occupancy under the Visitor Analytics. Occupancy tracking uses cameras that we have embedded all around our stand to measure the number of visitors who are coming in.

It also allows us to track the busy times and allows us to accommodate customers with the right number of Avaya employees on the stand during the peaks. So our marketing team can take all of these information and optimize the allocation of resources based on the customer occupancy rate.

Now, this analysis is showing both on a daily, weekly, and a monthly basis, showing you the average reserve time and occupancy rates. Now, we take this a step further, and we can also show them a traffic information. So not only here are we measuring how many people are coming in, but it's also measuring the number of male and female visitors as well as approximate age ranges for those visitors who are coming onto the stand.

Now, we take this a step further to combine the video iotics and the CCTV with a digital signage. So if I asked my colleagues here to step in front of the camera, when Andrew comes in, the camera automatically recognizes a male in front of the camera and is able to suggest the next exhibition suitable for him would be an exhibition about cars and watches, Big Boys Toys, that's happening in November 2nd.

Now, if I asked Kerima to hop in here, and as soon as she comes in, the demographics analysis is able to analyze that now we have a new demographic and that ad has now changed into something which is more suitable, around the jeweler exhibition that's happening on the 15th to 18th of November.

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>> So this basically allows us to integrate IoT in terms of analytics, CCTV, and digital signage to address the advertising in a more demographic specific way. The next aspect is the queue management. So we always wanna keep track of how many people we have on the pods and be able to allocate the resources appropriately.

In this case, we're tracking how many people do we have on those pods, here and behind us. And we're able to see how many people are on each of the pods and push digital signage information to let people know if there's a long wait time in the queue, and guide them to a more suitable queue.

Now, this also integrates with our Breeze Platform. So it's able to call an administrator when a huge threshold is reached and place an automated message over Breeze that says that this queue is now going through a long queue cycle, please take appropriate action. Now, this is very important in airports and retail environments where they want to have a real time tracking of people and make sure any queue's are dealt with immediately to avoid interrupting the customer experience, and affecting it negatively.

Now, we take this a step further and we move to customized customer experiences, where I'll use Andrew, who is our VIP visiting a bank premise, for example. Now, Andrew has a bank account that is more than $50 million, and as soon as he walks into the branch, rather than having to wait in line, the system will automatically identify Andrew.

And then based on the CRM information that is linked to Andrew, it will play a customized message to show Andrew. So what we have here, thank you very much Andrew. A very warm welcome to Andrew from Avaya, where is your meeting going to be? And it's able, through Breeze and Equinox, to tell the account manager for Andrew to come and receive him, and greet him personally, and guide him through the transaction.

So this is what we call a VIP customized customer experience. Now, all of this is also combined in beacons. So we have beacons all around our stand and that allows us to track our employees and where they are. So we see as the employees move their location around their stands.

And we're able to alert them in case if an IT customer comes in. We will be able to alert the appropriate account manager depending on their availability and location around the exhibition. The next part is around safety and security. And in this case we want to show facial recognition for people on the watch list.

So in a lot of cities around the world right now they want to track people on the watch list by integrating facial recognition technology through all their cameras around the city. So as soon as I come in and identify in front of a camera, I have identified myself in the database as a blacklisted individual.

So as soon as that happens, the security are alerted that I have been spotted at Zabeel Hall and the alert is sent to the closest security staff in the area that we have a person who is on the Interior Ministry's watch list that has been identified in this area so the authorities can take the appropriate actions.

Finally, we are showing smart access control. Now, in this demo, we are showing how the access control systems which are usually linked to access cards, this is my standard Avaya Access Card, if anybody else uses this card, they will be able to access the office. What we are able to do through the use of NFC technology and linked to biometrics data, in this case facial recognition, is as I try to tag into the office, if somebody else and Rufy are able to come in, if somebody else is able to try and use my card, the camera will detect the face of the person.

And based on their profile, it will say that the face analysis has failed because of the recognition. It will call the security people, show them a live feed from the location of the incident and immediately alert that we have an intruder that is using somebody's approved card with a different facial biometric data.

That allows us to add another layer of security to promise safety and security as well. We really hope you enjoyed watching the demos around our smart IOT platforms for Gitex this year. We're very happy to take any customer cases and customize all of the IOT experience to words what customers are looking for.

So please do reach out and engage with us if you have more customers that require this sort of scenario. Thank you very much. [SOUND]
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