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Jean “JT” Turgeon builds on Chief Marketing Officer Morag Lucey’s introduction to the “Smart Digital World” with a new video that explains how Avaya is going to shape it. Turgeon discusses the digitalization of the marketplace and how the various smart vertical solutions Avaya offers can bring any company’s customer experience into the digital age and beyond, driving home the message that “experience is everything.”

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Hello, I'm Jean Turgeon. But most people know me as JT. I'm the Vice President and Chief Technologist for Software Defined Architecture out of IO. The world of technology and it's role in business Is changing dramatically at lightening speed. We have user expectations for anywhere in a time access to any contact or information.

We have the internet of things, and we have applications that can do just about anything. Today's smart digital world brings limitless potential for growth, innovation, and profitability. But it also poses many new challenges for organizations. They must move quickly to keep pace with the business needs and user expectations.

This is not a one size fits all world. So Avia is bringing together the best in vertical solution that address business challenges major industry space. We are delivering unique business value with our smart solutions for a smart digital world. It all starts with an open, agile foundation, what our SDN Fx architecture combined with Avaya Breeze.

This supports, enables the transformative applications that are limited only by your imagination. Avaya delivers business process automation over a secure, automated and open infrastructure to drive entirely new and smarter experiences. In healthcare, education, hospitality, public safety, and many more. It's a whole new world out there. It's a world where the experience is everything.

It's a smart digital world, so let's build it together.

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