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Communication enables any process or application that you have in your business. Imagine that you can customize any application any time with a rich set of API’s. Mo highlights the ability and simplicity of embedding communications right into mobile and cloud-based applications, enabling developers and designers to build their visions in mere moments.

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Hi there, I am Mo Nezarati, the general manager at Zang. Zang is a wholly owned subsidiary of Avaya and it's born in the cloud. We've done everything in the cloud from the beginning and our focus is to deliver a set of applications, platforms and APIs to you. Make it easy for you to start adopting communications applications right from the cloud.

And that's the goal of Zang, to be a dynamic platform, to help you communication enable, any process or any application that you have in your business. Think about all the things that you have in your business that could benefit from Communication Enablement. Think of the processes that you have.

Think of the notification that you send out automatically, when things change in your own systems. If you considered the things that you have in your daily life and how those things could benefit from Communication Enablement. Have you ever drop the few cart service? Would have been nice to receive a text automatically when the status is change in the database that says ready for pick up?

Have you ever been to a doctor? Wouldn’t been nice if you receive the automatic notification about your appointment from them? Have you ever reserved a table at a restaurant and the table wasn't quite ready? Have you ever checked into a hotel room and the room wasn't quite ready?

How about having all of those things communication enabled, and have you notified practically with them. Now if you have a lot of very complex systems in your environment. Think about how you could make them simple, instead of having a number of whole different systems in your environment. You could collapse them into one giant system that is all running in the cloud.

One system for you to manage, one system for you to run. And that's what Zang is, it allows you to really take all of these environments, put them up in the cloud. Make them infinitely customizable to the way that they need to fit your business with a rich set of APIs that we have.

Zang is really three things. It's a Rich Platform that allows you to build or communication enable any of the processes that we talked about just now. We have a set of communication software as a service applications. These tools allow you to subscribe to us specific use case and start using them inside of your business with the tools that you want.

All of them wrapped together with a rich set of APIs, as well as an amazing development platform for you to build your applications on, and get going with them. Let's start looking at some of the use cases that people have built with Zang already. We talked about notifications in some elements.

One of our partners has created a surgical update application where as a patient, I would sign into a portal. I would define who needs to get notification about my surgery and it's really integrated into the work flow of the hospital. So as my status changes within the hospital, texts and notifications can go out to my loved ones.

Who wants to let them know what my status is. If I come out of surgery, I'm in pull stop, I'm in recovery or anything else. That takes away a lot of the anxiety that people have waiting for updates. Now you can be relaxed. You can walk around, go for that to the cafeteria and you'll be notified as soon as the status is updated automatically by the systems themselves.

These are the kinds of applications that people are building to really solve very common problems that exist today. Another fun application developed by one of our customers is what we call the Wheel of Zang. Imagine a contest where a number's flashed on the screen. You dial that phone number and your number's registered on this wheel.

When the wheel stops, the selected number receives a text automatically letting them know that they've won a prize. The use cases for this application are tremendous. It could be used in a stadium, think about the games that you go to and it'd be nice to sort of engage the audience with this wheel, and let them be a part of the game and the contest.

It would be fun to have them at trade shows, where you would go in and you'd put your numbers in and you would also receive any of the potential giveaways and contests. As a vendor of these types of solutions, the numbers that are collected could be very valuable in terms of the marketing and the information that we gather from these numbers.

Another one of our clients has built a very rich analytics engine, so that the all the calls or all the activities that were made with Zang are automatically sliced and diced and presented to you in the format that you wish. Zang handles millions of calls in the market today, we have sent millions of outbound SMSs and received as many inbounds.

And we have a whole lot of APIs within the platform that you can customize and use to suit your business and your use cases. So let's now focus on the application side. We have a number of applications, I wanna really focus on one in particular, Zang Spaces. We created Zang Spaces to help you and your team get your work done in a persistent collaborative way.

Now if you like at Avaya's history in real-time communications, you'll understand why we made Zang Spaces a video first at a real-time first approach. We've tried to hook on to your existing habits, what you do when you book a meeting? You go to your calendar, you put in a topic name, you invite a bunch of people to that meeting.

A link is placed in the meeting, the time comes, somebody clicks on the link, and they join the meeting. That's exactly what you do with Zang Spaces, so no new habits for you to learn or teach to your employees. You take that application now, when you join the meeting, you're in the space and everyone in that space is now persistently joined.

Those who can't make the meeting at that time, they can simply call in later, watch the video of the meeting, look at the meetings summary and the actions from that meeting. Zang Spaces is available on your desktop or on your mobile. It's designed to make it easy for you to have a persistent collaboration environment that again, does not require retraining and hooks on to your existing behavior.

Zang Spaces is also integrated inside of the tools that you use everyday. It integrates with Microsoft Office 365, Google for Work, Salesforce and many other applications that you might use yourself. The whole idea of Zang Spaces is to give you a persistent collaboration environment for meetings, note-taking, projection definitions, follow throughs or anything that you might want to do inside your meetings.

It's a place for people to go to follow up on actions. It's a place for people to go who aren't able to join the meetings to look at what happened at that meeting and all the actions that were given. It's an easy place for you to work with no software to download and an easy place to join and start using.

Each of you and every line of business within your organization has different needs. And Zang and this Switch APIs, allows you to actually customize everything to the way that the application can suit your needs. At Zang, we don't believe that you need to fit the application, but rather the application needs to fit your needs.

And that's what we've focused on, is the simplicity and the frictionless way that we can get our application in your hands. So, what have you got to do? Very simple. Go to zang.io. Sign up, sign in. And you'll simply be able to create your first application and start using it today.

The APIs that we have are well documented and everything is available for you to view and manage. Try it out. I'm sure you'll like it. Thank you for listening to me today, I look forward to working with you on Zang.

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