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Simple Omnichannel Contact Center Capabilities in the Cloud

Gary E. Barnett introduces Customer Engagement on the Google Cloud Platform. Avaya has always been a very good enterprise contact center, and now they brought that technology down to the midmarket and made it easier to install by putting it into the Google Cloud. With this modern technology, an agent can access their network anywhere, including the beach.

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I want to tell you about another exciting product that we've just brought to market, and that is our customer engagement on the Google Cloud platform, now a couple of things. One is we introduced mid-market contact center about a year or so ago, and we're already up to 1000 plus systems out in the field today.

That is a new market for us, we have always been an enterprise contact center. We've been very very strong at enterprise, and what we did was we brought this technology we simplified it, and made it very easy to install but still industrial strength, and we brought that down to the mid market.

Very recently with our partnership with Google we have now taken that mid market contact center solution, and we've put that into Google Cloud. So the mid market customers don't need any infrastructure whatsoever, that's all up in the Google Cloud. All they have to do is sign up for the service.

And we're again talking about Omni-channel, multi-touch contact center industrial strength, but for that mid-market. Let me introduce at this time Kevin Crawford. And Kevin's gonna come up and just tell us a little bit more about the customer engagement on the Google Cloud Platform. Hi Kevin, how are you?


>> Doing well, Gary, thank you.
>> Great. Okay, so now what you've got here is just a good old off the shelf Chromebook, right?
>> Absolutely, yeah. We wanna look at a low cost device that will get those mid-market customers very simply and very easily into this technology, and then once they can go to the Chrome store and download the app, put in the settings.

They will get this dashboard, and they can start taking calls immediately after they've logged in.
>> Right. No infrastructure whatsoever.
>> No infrastructure whatsoever.
>> Right. And nothing unique about this Chromebook. You just went to the Chrome store, downloaded the application had the right credentials to sign on as an agent, and you're an agent.


>> Absolutely.
>> Right?
>> Yeah. If I look at the screen here, I can see, I can launch that directly from the Chrome stores, a part of user interface. And then once I am connected into the user interface, I can put text something like a headset and disconnect it directly to it.

I can also use an AVAYA IP P phone if I wanted to have an IP phone as a part of this-
>> Right.
>> As well.
>> So just like the previous demo, if I wanted to use the capabilities of the Chrome app, and talk right through the laptop, just simply plug in the headset?


>> Absolutely.
>> If I want to use a separate phone, no problem doing that as well-
>> Yeah.
>> Right? And very modern looking user interface, right? So this is something that's not you know, your dad's contacts in a right there is very modern much easier for agents to get up to speed and become productive.

Yeah you can use it for use cases like seasonal growth so the holiday season is coming up I can very easily enable a dates using this cloud infrastructure, I can do it for disaster recovery use cases as well. In case my call center went down, I can say, agents, just get your device out, log in over your wireless network at home, and you'll just connect to our cloud-based application as well.

I can also use this for training purposes. So it's a low-cost device, I can have my supervisor be able to train new agents and be able to let them use this as a cloud-based application, without investing in a lot of the infrastructure necessary to run it.
>> Right, right, so get your Chromebook, get your headset, head to the beach, and be an agent.


>> Absolutely.
>> Great.
>> All right.
>> Okay, thanks Kevin.
>> Thank you, appreciate it.
>> Okay, great, so I hope you see how, with what we've done is, again, we've taken what we've been very good at the enterprise level. We've brought down to mid market, we've made it very easy to acquire very, very modern interface.

And again, with low-cost devices like Chromebook, it's really even far less expensive than just buying a regular laptop. And the one reason that they like these is also because of the security around how you can lock down various Chromebooks.

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