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SFJAZZ Case Study Video

SFJazz started in 1983 as Jazz in the City, a weekend jazz festival, and has grown to become the nation’s largest presenter of jazz music. SFJazz has a goal to take their education and programming out to people through the internet and Avaya has helped them do that. Avaya Scopia gives them new ways to connect to members and to hold board meetings. Avaya works well with SFJazz because it is able to be flexible and can respond to the human need. Think of what Avaya can do for your business today.

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Jazz is important. The people that love jazz love it more than anything. My name is Don Derheim I'm the CEO of SFJAZZ.
>> My name is Tom Porter, I'm the Manager of Corporate Partnerships here at SFJAZZ. SFJAZZ was founded in 1983, as Jazz in the City, as a weekend jazz festival.

We're a 33-year-old organization, that's grown to the nation's largest presenter of jazz music. We would like to take our education, and take our programming out to people via the Internet and technology. Avaya and their solutions in terms of communications can help us do that.
>> We're going from being in a classroom with a teacher to doing something much more scalable.

With our Avaya Scopia system, we have new ways to connect with members. Something like Google Glass. Imagine being able to put these on an artist and to see what they're seeing. So if a piano player was leading a class, you could actually see their hands and see the piano and understand what's happening from their perspective.

And with our Scopia video conferencing system, by the way, that ties in from Avaya, there's lots of applications that I think are opening up to this.
>> Our board of directors will be using the Scopia system to have the board meetings and they'll be able to engage wherever they are.


>> Since we've opened the center in January 2013, our membership has increased by 150%.
>> When we put concerts on sale, sometimes they come in by the thousands. The Avaya system has to be a quality experience for thousands of people.
>> Avaya contributes to our success. And helps us respond to the growth by providing those nimble and collaborative connection solutions.


>> Avaya plays with SFJAZZ because it's able to be flexible and it can reconstitute itself. And it can be there for us, one of the biggest benefits we get from our work with Avaya and the technology is that flexibility to respond to the human need, to help us collaborate.

We wanna engage the community, we wanna engage each other, wanna engage our donors. We want the artists to engage with our audiences. On the Avaya side of our business, we need to run right and run well. And that's the experience we've had.

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