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Session Border Controller Toll Fraud Part 3 Video

This video illustrates how VoIP and unified communications implementations, if not deployed with adequate security, can result in toll fraud or premium-rate service fraud.  Find out how the Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise combats these security threats.

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A unified communication system is an invaluable business tool. But without the right set of security measures in place, it could open the door to toll fraud. A hacker could scan for open ports, and quickly access VoIP systems that haven't been properly secured.


For example. Say a hacker were to find a local small business with a voiceover IP network using session initiation protocol, or SIP Trunks, and was able to take control of the phone system. He could make as many calls as he wanted through their account. And even share or sell access to other people.

And these unsuspecting small businesses would end up owing thousands of dollars to the phone company. But with the right security setup, your phone can stay yours and yours alone. With Avaya's session border controller for enterprise, you can secure your network's IP border protecting your SIP trunks from unauthorized access.

It's that easy.

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