Session Border Control Denial of Service Part 2 Video

Learn how the Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise combats VoIP and unified communication security threats. Avaya Session Border can eliminate any security gap by securing your networks IP border, protecting your SIP from unauthorized access, and encrypting voice and signaling to safeguard your PBX from any denial of service attacks—internal or external.

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With unified communication solutions, it's never been easier to share information with your colleagues. But without proper security measures, it's also never been easier to get hit by denial of service attacks, from both inside and outside your company. What if a disgruntled employee found a denial of service registration script that he could execute on any computer in the network?

He could use it to keep coworkers from making calls on the company's private branch exchange, or PBX. Or even use it to disrupt a critical presentation. In fact, a hacker could actually take over the video conferencing system and shut down the presentation before it can even begin. You need to ensure that your business is always under your control.

That's why it's never been more important to lock down your UC network. Avaya session border controller advanced for enterprise eliminates any security gaps. It secures your networks IP border, protects your SIP from unauthorized access and encrypts voice and signalling to safeguard your PBX from any denial of service attacks, internal or external