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SENTRY Enterprise E911 from Avaya

Emergency calling in the enterprise does not need to be complex or expensive. Simple workflow related best practices will ensure both internal and Public Safety officials will have the information they need. SENTRY™ available from Avaya provides that workflow in a robust and cost-efficient solution. From On Premise to Hosted or a Hybrid model, let Avaya fill your needs and compliance for E911.

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Hi, Mark Fletcher, the chief architect for public safety solutions at Avaya. We're here at Nina 2018 in Nashville, Tennessee. For years, Avaya used the Sentry product to deliver emergency services for the enterprise, and Kevin Kito is the CEO of 911 Secure who delivers that product. Kevin, can you show us a little bit about how that product works?


>> Sure, so there's a couple different parts that encompass the Sentry solution. Number one is their software that goes on site for the customer. And it provides two main functions. One is to provide on site certification. So when 911 is called, we wanna make sure that there's situational awareness for people who are on site who can handle that emergency, like a front desk on site security, something like that.

What we'll do is we'll send a screen pop up notification for those people on site. There's flashing lights, there's annoying noises coming from the speakers. But what this is gonna do is gonna give those people on site the information that they need to be able to address that emergency as quickly as possible.

They're gonna get the phone number that dialed 911, the location information, and possibly the person's name, status, and stuff. And then you can have additional information, like a map of the building, a link to an IP camera, a temperature sensor. A lot of really good information for those people on site, so they can address that emergency as quickly as possible.


>> Kevin, let me ask you something. With next generation 911, we finally have a data connection between the origination point and the 911 center. How do you become part of that data flow?
>> That's one of the biggest challenges today. Because people can be really anywhere. And with our software, if they're moving within the network, we can track them.

That's no problem. That's an easy fix. Our software goes and figures out where people are at. But the bigger problem is people on laptops. Somebody could be making a call from a cellphone on a laptop, and there needs to be some way to be able to track and figure out where those people are at.


>> So Kevin, we've had Sentry available to our Enterprise customers through our dev connect and our select products program for years. But there's been some changes recently in how that's being delivered. How is 911 Secure doing that?
>> Yeah, that's a really good question. We made it really simple.

We've signed a direct resale agreement with Avaya, and so the product could be, for the first time ever, be purchased directly from Avaya.
>> And that's through normal distribution channels or direct. Whatever agreement you have with Avaya, you can now put the Sentry product on there, just like a new phone that we came up with.


>> Exactly, makes it as easy as possible.
>> I think that this changes the game for next generation emergency services data coming from the Enterprise and feeding that big monster that's finally being dealt.
>> [LAUGH] That is correct.
>> Thanks for talking with us today, appreciate it.
>> Thanks so much.