Secure Access Link - Avaya Remote Support

Secure Access Link (SAL) Gateway is the remote connectivity method used by Avaya Support Services to deliver rapid problem resolution, problem prevention and solution optimization.

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Your ability to stay at the forefront of digital transformation ultimately comes down to one thing, the performance of your applications. At Avaya, we help thousands of enterprises maximize performance by delivering proactive alarm monitoring and diagnostics through Avaya EXPERT Systems. And providing an extensive range of on-demand remote support using automated tools and Avaya personnel.

All delivered through the Avaya Secure Access Link Gateway. Through the Secure Access Link Gateway, Avaya provides award-winning support to over 100,000 devices across some 30,000 locations. Including organizations with the most demanding performance requirements. Such as federal government sites, hospitals, and financial institutions. And it works. Studies show these enterprises cut average problem resolution times by 42%.

And you get all of that without giving up security and control. Here's how. All connections go outbound from your Secure Access Link Gateway to the Avaya Data Center. There are no inbound connections into your enterprise. Before a connection is established, you have the option to approve or deny.

We don't get in unless you allow it. Once we're in, Avaya support operates under host containment. When our personnel access your applications, they can be confined to the connected server. No hopping from server to server. All support sessions are encrypted and quickly torn down when completed. Finally, the support we provide can be completely logged through SSH session logging.

Allowing you to easily go back and see what was done and who did it. And remember, all of this is provided as part of your Avaya Support coverage. There is no additional cost. Remote technical support increases reliability and performance. And significantly reduces problem resolution times. But in today's era of cybersecurity, you can't take chances.

With Avaya, you don't have to. Remote support that makes a real difference with the security and control that keeps you protected. The secure access link gateway from Avaya.