San Jose Earthquakes Case Study Video

Welcome to the Avaya Stadium, home of the San Jose Earthquakes. A team with a rich history in the Silicon Valley now has a stadium equipped with the cloud. Fans can get stats on the players easier, get video updates, order food from your seat, and have your ticket on your iPhone or Android device. This brand connection and engagement builds loyalty between the team and the fans, creating a one-of-a-kind sports environment that you’ll have to see to believe.

>> Fans in Silicon Valley expect more of their sports venues. My name is Dave Kaval. I'm the president of the San Jose Earthquakes. One of the things in designing Avaya Stadium that we wanted to make sure the stadium had was innovation and was fan engagement at the highest level.

The Earthquakes are celebrating our 40th anniversary and we have a really rich history. And so we're building on that great history of soccer but we've never had our own home. So to build Avaya stadium, $100 million privately financed venue, it's really a transformative moment for us as an organization.

Avaya is really the perfect partner for the Earthquakes and for what we're trying to accomplish here in Silicon Valley. The key thing with our partnership with Avaya is they're an end to end provider of these technology solutions that really enable our stadium to work effectively. We're very excited that Avaya Stadium is the first cloud-enabled stadium.

This will enable us to ploy the best technology, not just today, but in three, five, seven, ten years. Those types of experiences are what people are really thirsting for. And our partnership with Avaya enables that. They can be as simple as a fan sending a Tweet with a special #AvayaStadium and then it appears on the board.

It can be someone posting a photo that ends up on the board. You end up being connected to the stadium at large and to the other patrons and fans in the venue. You can get stats on the players easier. You can get video updates. You can order your food from your seat.

You can have your ticket on your actual iPhone or on your Android device. Those things are really important because it makes a more tailored experience. The increased fan engagement really creates more diehard and avid fans. Fans that were more avid and who have a stronger connection to the brand, who go to the website more, who research the players more, who come to the games more, they're worth more money to the organization.

One of the most important pieces is the passion that fans have for the game of soccer. And I think being able to use technology to strengthen that and to amplify it, that's where this is going. If I can keep investing in terms of the engagement and it can create more of these super fans, that's just good for our business.