Plantronics Case Study

The contact center is the front line in providing customer service. Plantronics is using Avaya technology to manage call volumes and to escalate the most important calls effectively. Plantronics runs seven contact centers all over the world and sees every service call as an opportunity. See how you can use Avaya to not only efficiently communicate with your customers, but to engage with them.

>> Some of the most important things that you have to do is make sure that your organization has got the right solution for your customers, and you're taking care of the customers you already have. Your contact center is often the front line of providing that customer service. I'm Ken Kannappan, I'm the CEO of Plantronics.

We understand how mission critical a context center needs to be. We needed technology from Avaya that could allow us to manage our call volumes, to escalate the most important calls very effectively.
>> Avaya is an absolutely crucial partner to Plantronics. I'm Joe Burton, I'm Plantronics Executive Vice President of Products and Strategy, as well as our Chief Technology Officer.


>> We not only sell headsets, we run seven contact centers of our own around the world, we don't see our contact center as call centers, we really see them as customer engagement centers. My name is Paul Van Den Berg, I work for Plantronics and I'm responsible for Global Costumer Care.

Our approach really is that's a service quality and opportunity. When a costumer calls us because they have a problem with Plantronics products, we immediately want to convert that into a very happy customer.
>> We all expect our communications experiences to be rich, to be mobile, to be instantaneous, on-demand, on whatever device we choose.

As we look at the world going forward, with cloud technologies, with web-based communications, soft phones, mobile phones, we've really seen that we need to be able to treat a communications session as something that isn't between two devices. It's something that's between two people. Communications isn't the goal, either with people internal or people external.

It is, indeed, engagement. In Plantronics view, a smarter customer engagement is all about having the right people using the right spaces and right technology.
>> When we say business is better on Avaya, especially with Plantronics involved, it's all about making sure we're engaged correctly with our customers. When we're engaged with our customers, business is better.