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Pearland Independent School District Case Study Video

Students expect to have technology in their hands and Alexander Middle School can now meet those needs. Avaya is creating a way for education to be mobile, and with these handheld devices students can access their desktops, home folders, and their homework. Alexander Middle School is reaching out to all of their different types of learners in a blended manner that necessitates the modern technology provided by Avaya.

>> Technology in the classroom when I first started looked like a simple computer at a teacher's desk that wasn't network connected in any way, shape, or form. My name is Dr. Jimmy Nowell, and I'm the principal here at Alexander Middle School in Pearland Independent School District.
>> We now have children coming into our schools and they expect to have some sort of technology in their hands.

I'm Laura Reeves, I'm the Assistant Director for Educational Technology for Pearland ISD.
>> And I'm Greg Bartay, I'm the Director of Technology here at Pearland ISD. When we began looking at trying to paste beyond what
>> Which would be the inclusion of what they call BYOD or bring your own device.

There was no way our network at that time could handle an additional 10 to 12,000 devices. We went down the road of Avaya's virtual enterprise network architecture. Avaya allowed us to streamline our protocols to manage everything. Scalability is one of the big plusses to the Avaya technology


BYOD is an initiative for [INAUDIBLE] ISD.
>> Letting kids have access to their desktops, their home folders, their work that they're working on. A filtered Internet, just like they were seeing in one of the labs, without actually having to physically go to the lab.
>> We're actually reaching out to all of our different types of learners.

There's in a blended manner.
>> Education should be mobile, education should be accessible, and education should be available anywhere the teacher wants to take those kids.
>> Allowing our students the opportunity to get all of this content.
>> The engagement that we've enjoyed has been wonderful, we're very appreciative and glad that Avaya has a part of providing that engagement.


>> Kids are carrying their schools in their hands. It is an absolute true statement. We absolutely are seeing a correlation between technology and performance results.
>> If the student can touch it, hold it, and use it, through engagement of their device, they're retaining
>> And the more they retain, the better their scores are.


>> In the next five or ten years, is going to be leading our global community, and that will be in large part to the fact that we have such a solid infrastructure through Avaya. It is all about engagement.

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