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Avaya TV

PCC EMEA Nice 50th Event-Impressions

The video gives an overview of the event, some snapshots of plenaries and break-out session plus Interview Flashs with PCC Primes, Partners and Avaya Executives.

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The networking side of things during this event is very important to grow the business. So you learn to meet the VPs, the Project Meta Experts.


>> The PCC enabled to be aware of new products and services coming on board, the context or consequence of those products from an operational perspective. What training needs to be required by our engineers, what services. And processes that we need to employ to maximize the benefits of the customer.


>> PCC is really a great platform for partners to come together and have a voice to Avaya.


>> This is where we need our partners and people like the PCC to bring that together so that the entire solution that we go to market with is absolutely fit for purpose and can deliver those outcomes that our customers really demand.


Partners who don't know the PCC have to know that the event is a good chance to influence the portfolio, it can influence the processes.



>> One of the most robust organizations in terms of making acquaintances, friends, networking, business partners. And it's pretty much unique to any organization out there. I don't think any other vendor has this type of relationship with their partners.


Coming to the PCC it's a way of showing your voice to what you have to share with the other partners. What you have to share with Avaya.


We also like to thank you Avaya, of course, for the 25 years of partnership that we have and the great sponsorship they did over the 50 events that we've done the last 25 years.


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