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Avaya TV

OBank Demonstration

Demonstration shows how Avaya is helping provide a fully digital customer service to customers located anywhere via mobile, video, voice and other online banking channels.

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Hi, good afternoon, welcome to Dubai. My name is Ming Te, I'm from Singapore. Today I'm going to show you one of the very exciting technology our customer adopt of our technology in Taiwan. The bank name is O-Bank here. O-Bank is a very new name, they just launched their full retail banking service right in Taiwan this year, April 2017.

So in six month time, they managed to actually sign up 70,000 users using their debit cards and some other banking services. So what they do is, this is actually the first digital bank in Taiwan. They have no branch. Everything what the customer needs is download the mobile application or go to the internet to sign on.

And they promise that in 10 minutes' time, you'll have your account ready. And one interesting thing they are doing is that they have ventured before via video technology do-it-yourself, in the whole sign up process. Which is the KYC part. So the customer can actually do the, the bank is doing the KYC across the video channel.

And from there, that's good. The customer will have all their service they need. The so called documentation requirement they need to open an account. And for O-Bank, the application allows them to do a lot of things that the retail banking services are providing. So such as they can do payment, they can do transaction, and they even have a robot to help them do financial planning.

So everybody now, with just as little as 1,000 NT dollars, which is equivalent to about 30 US dollars, they can invest. And this investment is all managed by robots from there. And now I'm going to show you some of the different customer service that they are doing using Avaya technology.

So as a digital bank, they don't have any branch. So they do not have potentially customer IT or we'll not see anybody there. But O-Bank believe that customer will still comfortable to see someone that they are doing business with. This is why they invest this video technology to make sure that their customer, when they look for help, they can see live agents to helping them.

So for today I just want to show you some of the mobile applications that the O-Bank has today. Can I move you to the to this screen here? If you look at this part, this is very typical mobile bankings that any of the banks that will have. So everything that you need, from your saving account to your debit card accounts.

And if you want to make payments, your investments, it's all coming out from here. But what is different is that if I click on my here, what we call investments are part of this way. O-Bank have robots that help you to do all the financial planning. And what you will do is by simply, if you have your risk profile, the bank's robots will recommend you which are the mutual funds you can invest on and which piece of that mutual fund.

And from there onwards they'll monitor your portfolio for you, highlight to you if you need to do any action to it. And in this whole application, there is this always one little button there, I'll point your attention here, which is this help button. This is a help button that at any point of time, when you run into issues with the mobile application, you can click on it and that is where the services are coming.

This is for only China contact centers that will come out to help the user. And from the user selections, right. They are providing, if I want to draw attention here, they have video-based customer service,. And you can write provide check, and there is also still backed up by hotlines that you can call directly, and e-mails that you can actually write to people.

And what we have helped them, we have further enhanced the experience, is that right. In all these selections, the customer will actually be highlighted there, only when there are available agents, the options will be available. And then you actually go down to click. If I show you one example of the video contact center, you can see from here that the system will actually go in and look at who are the available agents and then show you on screen that this are the agent you are going to talk to.

When there are more than one agent available, you can even select from them. Now the application actually trying to connect up with agent live from Taipei. This about four hours difference from Dubai here, but these are all live agents that they are working today. And their contact center is operating 24 by 7, literally.

So you are going to see, you're going to see that a agent come on board. This is a lady by the name of Jimmy, here. Hi Jimmy, I'm calling from Dubai and we're doing a recording now for you. Hi can you wave to the camera here? So Jimmy is based in Taipei and at this moment on Jimmy's screen there's a screen product popping up.

My profile here, I have already logged in using one of the profile, so that he know I'm calling him, and the services will be immediately available face-to-face,
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