Notification Solutions for Education

There has never been more of a need for schools and campuses to provide a safe environment. Students and faculty want the assurance that when threatening incidents occur on campus the right tools are in place to create a rapid and effective response. Avaya Notification Solution is a communication tool used to inform all campus personnel when incidents happen.

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There has never been more need for schools and campuses to provide a safe and secure environment in which students can learn. Assurance that when threatening incidents occur on campus, the right tools are in place to create a rapid and effective response. Avaya Notification Solution is a communication tool to keep school and campus personnel, students, teachers, faculty, staff, and parents informed when incidents occur.

To provide instructions on what to do and to keep them apprised as events unfold. Avaya notification solution is accessed and managed from a web portal. In this system, we have email, IP phone, SMS, and voice channels active. The first step is to set up users and groups to define who needs to be notified.

Let's take a look at a predefined user, Todd. You can see that Todd is part of the group School, and Todd has information for each contact channel, work, mobile, SMS, and email. You can group users so that alerts can be sent to a set of people at once.

Let's look at a predefined group called school. We can see that this group's school has two users in it, Linda and Todd, note that groups can be dynamically updated. Let's say that an incident occurs, perhaps there's a sound of a gunshot nearby, let's run through a scenario for a school or campus lockdown.

Here we look for a predefined lockdown scenario. Let's look at what's defined for this scenario. You can see the messages that each channel receives in this case. For email, the subject line displayed as School Lockdown, and the body of the text is, the school is now in an emergency lock down.

for IP phone, you can see the title to be displayed, the message body, and in this case, an audio broadcast. For SMS, you can see that the message body is defined here. In this scenario, no users are specified, but the group school is defined, which we learned earlier has two users, an escalation procedure can be defined.

In this scenario, an escalation alert to an outside security is sent if no administrators respond, trigger permissions give access to who can execute scenarios. Here, Linda and Todd have accessed to execute the scenario. Let's trigger a campus lockdown. Select the lockdown scenario and click trigger preview, then click trigger.

A session ID is generated, and your notification goes out. In your notification history, you can select your session, and create a report in PDF or Excel format. This is just one of the many ways that AVAYA notification solution can be used. You can see that the ease of use enables security personnel to utilize it, without relying on a system administrator to activate.

This application is an essential tool across all industries, such as healthcare, government, enterprise, and utilities, to reach multiple people across multiple communication channels. [SOUND]