Multichannel Proactive Customer Engagement

With Avaya Customer Experience Management solutions, an insurance agent can easily engage with clients anytime, anywhere, and with any device.

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Life is a journey, and in insurance, the challenge is to stay with your customers every step of the way. Bob's insurance provider was with him when he launched a business, got married, bought a house, and started a family that kept on growing. And it's right there once again as those babies become teen drivers.

Bob's insurance provider stays in touch using an Avaya Customer Experience Management Solution. The Avaya solution uses familiar trigger points to proactively connect and engage with customers, anytime, anywhere, on any device. Offering information that can really make a difference, like what's required to add coverage for a new driver?

Bob appreciates the attention, but now is not the time. No problem. The Avaya solution also makes it easy to schedule a convenient follow up. [SOUND] Later, the insurance specialist who reaches out to Bob will see his entire contact history and current coverage. Everything needed to quickly make the change to the existing policy.


>> You think I'm going to pass my drivers test?
>> I think you're gonna pass with flying colors.
>> All right, let's go.
>> Life is a journey. Rely on Avaya to keep you along for the ride and transform your business, one great interaction at a time.