Migrating to IP Office in the Cloud

For customers with an on-premise IP Office thinking about migrating to IP Office in the cloud.

>> You have an Avaya IP office communication system installed in your business. Now you're considering a move to IP Office in the Cloud and need to be convinced. Being competitive today is about having the right communications, support for mobility, team engagement, customer experience on any device. With IP office in the Cloud you get it all.

Want to add people for the holidays then scale back? Well that's the beauty of the Cloud. You pay for what you need, when you need it. And adapt features to the needs of specific employees. Moving to IP Office in the Cloud in easy. Keep all the things you like about your current system.

Numbers, features, even the same phones, digital, IP or analog. No forklift upgrade here. And we've got reliability covered too. Avaya IP Office in the Cloud is a hybrid solution. As an existing IP Office user, when you move to the Cloud, you get to keep the system you already have installed.

If the Cloud ever gets disrupted, the IP Office in your business simply takes over. That's extra protection without any extra investment. In short, if you love what you're using today, but want more, more features and flexibility and a solution designed for reliability all at a predictable monthly expense, make the move to Avaya IP Office in the Cloud.