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Migrate your Avaya CS1000 platform

Watch Present Mike and Future Mike debate the benefits of modernizing their Avaya CS1000 communications platform in this short video

>> Hi, I'm Mike. Hi, I'm future Mike. I currently run the Avaya CS1000 platform and couldn't be happier. Actually, Mike, you could be happier. The current system is still chugging along just fine, thank you very much. With the new system, not only do you get better customer service but you can also keep the team more connected than ever by enabling mobile and virtual engagement.

Oh great, bearded one, I don't see the need to change something just because. It isn't just because my man, there's a huge impact on business when your employees, partners and customers can connect across networks, location and time on any device. Any device? Uh-huh. Any device, plus you learn how to improve your speed to answer, reduce your call abandon rate and you'd drive up your revenue and customer satisfaction.

It may be time to evolve a little. Right on my friend, be like the mighty rhino. The mighty what? It's all about business agility in a world rife with change Dominance is fleeting, only agility creates sustainable advantage. You came up with that? Nope, Forbes did. You gotta make change the enabler, Mikey.

Avaya even has this migration road map that helps you transition with a host of business benefits and timely incentives to make it even easier. Hm, change can be a little pricey though. Lost revenue is even pricier. Did you know a customer is four times more likely to defect to a competitor if the problem is service-related rather than price or product-related.

Four times? Yes, sir. There's a very strong link between customers service management activity and business success. Eighty percent of organization experiencing significant profit growth increases have a customer experience management program in place. [SOUND] That does make some sense. Makes some dollars too. Great, we do bad puns now?

Look, keep the customers happy, and they'll keep you happy. Evolving to the latest in Avaya technology was the best decision I ever made.
>> You mean the best decision I ever made. Now you're talking. Come on, give us a hug. No, thank you. A high five, then? Man, don't leave me hanging here.

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