Meet Avaya’s World-Champion Adventure Racing Team

Adventure Racing Team Avaya truly defines great teamwork, showing what it means to overcome obstacles, face hardships, adapt, and achieve greatness...together as one. (Featuring a link to the "For The Team" documentary from Winshape Teams and Story First Creative.)

>> [MUSIC] I'm Nathan Fa'avae. I'm from New Zealand. I'm team captain of the New Zealand Adventure Racing team which was sponsored by Avaya. >> Adventure racing is such a unique sport. Such a crazy sport. It's hard to describe to people who haven't heard of it before because it's a bit of everything and can be so different in every way, but the sport usually involves multiple disciplines: mountain biking, running, kayaking, rafting, whatever the organizers try to throw into the race. >> You have to travel together, maintaining a small amount of distance between the team members. You move as a unit. >> There's four people on the team. You must have one person from the opposite gender. >> One of the key elements is finding your way around the course. You have a set of controls, way points, that you have to go past. >> You're not allowed modern navigational tools. No GPS or anything electronic. >> People are really drawn to the difficulty and drawn to the challenge and the hardness. There's something this appealing about hearing that this is the hardest sport you could do. I just want to give it a go. >> Adventure racing is the perfect environment to study teams. It's a small group of people with complimentary skills working together in a difficult environment, pursuing a common goal. It's like the definition of what a team is. >> This is the first time that the four of us have actually raced together as one team. Lafleur has just joined us for this race. She's done a lot of racing before and she's a good friend of ours from New Zealand. This is the first time that she would have raced with us three and this team. >> Part of the fun of the Adventure Racing is that team aspect to the race, and I think there is a difference between having four people who are just doing their own thing, versus a team of four that are actually working together as a team. If you have a team that you feel a little bit of a bond with then it's excitement to do well. It gives you a lot more satisfaction I suppose. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]. >> One thing that's really important to me as team captain is just being composed and keeping calm and cool, really and to start looking for solutions. I'd go, so we've had this problem, whatever it may be, and some of the problems we've had over the years have been quite significant ones, but this is Adventure Racing. That's what we are out here for. Part of it is overcoming this and the ability to accept things and change and adjust and adapt. [MUSIC]. Adventure racing is a team sport. We're out there for 100 or so hours. We basically live together 24/7. Travel together, sleep together, and four of us crammed into a two-person team, whatever that might be. My teammates have carried me through races or parts of races before and they know that I've done it for them. >> I think today is the day for being in the water. [MUSIC] [BACKGROUND] . >> Seeing these guys coming into transition, they just gel as one. The efficiency is just mind-blowing. >> I think people have been very very good in just putting the team first, really and going, "Yeah, the team is bigger than the individual." To experience things with your teammates out there, it's humbling. [APPLAUSE]. On our team, I'd say, we've got a really high level of trust and I think that's just a result of having shared a lot of team's experiences. But probably more than that, there's also a high level of respect for each other because we've seen what people are prepared to do for the team.