Meet an Avayan: Steve Forcum

Steve Forcum is a Sales Engineer at Avaya. Learn more about Steve and Avaya's innovation in Cloud in this installment of our People at Avaya series.

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For me, the thrill of a new day is about making an impact on something. I'm from New England and as a mid market systems engineer with Avaya, my customers span six states. I spend most days on the road.


Or living out of one of our partners' offices. Hey, yeah, I just saw that e-mail come through. We can definitely do that, that's not an issue at all. Avaya makes great solutions, but our partners are the ones that tailor those solutions to meet our customers' needs. That partnership gives me comfort as I move on the next opportunity.

My family and I, we love gadgets and, well, technology. The number of times we've spent at Epcot, it's probably best left uncounted. New Englanders are not know for holding back. So I'm pretty used to hearing, Steve, what the hell is cloud? That's when the fun starts. Let's take a look at that.

Selling cloud solutions for Avaya has become my passion. Give me an audience, the bigger the better, and I'll deliver my pitch. During each presentation, I watch, and face by face I can see the audience begin to get it. I'm a sales guy at heart. I traveled the same roads that many of Avaya sales reps have traveled before me.

But this is a new Avaya. When I meet with my customers, almost all of them are interested in learning more about cloud, but they're apprehensive about the risk it could mean for their business. Whether its pure cloud, private cloud, or something in between, Avaya can be the GPS to make sure that you get where you need to go.


Customers, not corporations are driving this massive and inevitable move to the cloud. That's goal for most of our customers. I'm proud to be an engineer and an advocate for Avaya, and for this revolution that's happening before our very own eyes. These are exciting times. We're showing customers how Avaya technology can change their world.


Wherever I am, I speak about how my company, with its rich heritage of the past, has bridged the journey to cloud. And in the process, has transformed Avaya to operate with the innovation and agility of a startup.


My name's Steve Forcum and I work for Avaya.