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Mashreq Bank Demonstration

Demonstration shows how Avaya is helping provide remote advisory services through a smart video kiosk, to seamlessly and securely extend customer access to financial services.

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Hi, my name is Hamsa, Mashreq Bank is one of the leading institutions in UAE with extensive presence across the region, providing entire range of financial solutions. Mashreq is partnering with Avaya to take the customer experience to the next level. They gonna lunch a remote advisory services, where the customer will engage with the remote agent through a video call from a smart kiosk.

The customer can conduct transactions seamlessly and securely online, and even he can make a more complex transactions like creating a new account and applying for a new credit cards. So I'll be showing the demo now. So the customer can reach the VIV lines. Swipe his card and he will make himself comfortable sitting and touch the screen.

He will use one of the services available. Now the system gonna pick up one of the available remote agents. Hello, hi Mya how are you? So the agent is gonna support the customer through guiding him through certain services or browsing the website, sharing a document, filling up a form.

Mya, if you please share one of the forms available, please? So here, this form will be automatically filled by the system as the system already recognizes the customer from the card it has. But here we need to mention two points, that this form will be PCI compliant. So for certain information it will not be shown.

It will be as masked and also the customer has to submit the form, the agent rule here is limited. He cannot submit the form on behalf of the customer. So here the agent can make some annotations to guide the customer through the form. Hi Mya, please do some annotations for me.

And also, she can highlight somewhere in the document. Please highlight. So it's gonna be a smart engagement where the customer can finalize required service remotely through the as we see here. And also the customer can print this document out, he can also sign it digitally or print it out and sign it again and scan it back to the call center.

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