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Managing the Customer Journey Video

Managing a contact center is all about having the right resources in place when and where you need them, for inbound and outbound, and matching your resources to your customers. Avaya Aura contact center gives your business a way to reallocate your resources on the fly. The Avaya solution gives you the ability to be innovative with a wide range of campaigns, manage multiple campaigns simultaneously, allocate and reallocate agents based on the needs of your business, inform agents of what’s coming next, and so much more.

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Managing a contact center is all about having the right resources in place, when and where you need them. For inbound and outbound, to handle calls, emails, messaging, and more. Matching your resources to the needs of your customers, and your business. To do that, you make judgments, you use reports, you make projections.

But it's never 100% right, no prediction about the future ever is. You decide to launch an outbound campaign and allocate a lot of your agents to it. But then there's an unexpected surge in inbound traffic that leaves you shorthanded. Wait times go up. Service performance plummets. You scramble to reallocate.

Or the reverse happens. You allocate more of your agents to inbound for a time when you're usually very busy. But the phones go quiet. Agents sit idle. You are literally throwing away money. What you really need is a way to reallocate your resources on the fly, based on what's really happening in your business.

Now you have one. Avaya Aura Contact Center combined with Proactive Outreach Manager. Automatically and dynamically reallocate agents using multiple triggers and thresholds. Focus on specific agents to maximize your campaign productivity. For agents, it's seamless. Using the integrated, Out of the Box, Agent Desktop Interface, there's no logging in and out.

Agents are switched as needed for inbound, outbound, and multimedia, with ample notification of upcoming changes. And because outbound predictive dialing is supported, agents get connected quickly. They're not wasting time on calls going to voicemail, a fax, or a busy signal. The Avaya Proactive Manager Outreach solution delivers 97.9% live person detection accuracy at less than a second.

And one more thing, because the solution is fully integrated into the Avaya Aura Contact Center suite, whatever calls your agents are handling, they get the tools they need to do a great job, including instant access to expert buddy lists through the agent desktop interface. Let's look at how this works out during a typical day.

Your service levels are right where you want them, contact volumes are in fact trending down, using those parameters, your Avaya solution starts redistributing agents so more of them are making outbound calls. The Avaya solution initiates the call, detects that it's live, and matches it directly to an agent, like Sue.

The system tees up a script to help Sue get the conversation going. And contextual information pulled from, detailing the customer's prior activity. Sue's first few outbound calls go without a hitch. Then a customer asks about discounts for bulk purchases. It's not a decision Sue is comfortable making on her own.

But using the expert buddy list, she's able to quickly get help from someone who knows the product, has pricing authority, and is available right now to chat. Someone like Jim. Sue and Jim exchange IMs, the system works with both Avaya Aura Presence and Microsoft Lync. And Jim gives Sue the go ahead to offer an additional discount for a bulk purchase made today.

The deal gets made. The customer is happy. And Sue is on to the next contact. This time it's a web chat. The Avaya solution gives you the ability to innovate with a wide range of campaigns. Upselling, billing, renewals customer care and more. Manage multiple campaigns simultaneously without the cost or inflexibility associated with selling of dedicated resources.

You can allocate and reallocate agents based on the needs of your business. Agents are fully informed of what's coming next via the out of the box agent desktop interface. Supervisors get real time and historical reports on all agent activity. And all calls can all be automatically recorded for training and managing performance.

Imagine all of the things you could do if you could turn your contact center on a dime and easily reallocate agents across inbound, outbound, and multimedia. Stop imagining. It's possible today with the Avaya Aura Contact Center and Proactive Outreach Manager. See how a major marketing firm is benefiting from the Avaya solution and its contact center right now.

View the video about Mystique Marketing on or YouTube. Then, talk to your Avaya representative and see how you can start taking advantage of this solution in your contact center right now.

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