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Making the Most of Avaya Aura Capabilities Video

Are you achieving the full potential of your enterprise network? Are your employees getting what they need to produce successful engagement including video conferencing, home-based work opportunities, security, and the latest smartphone support? This video explains how the latest release of Avaya Aura can have dramatic impacts on your costs, your employees’ effectiveness and the way you service your customers. Avaya and Avaya Aura lead the global market delivering real innovations that deliver real results.

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Your enterprise communications network. You're in charge, but do you ever get the feeling, so is everyone else?


The marketing department wants video conferencing. Human resources wants more home based work opportunities. Your CIO is worried about security and everybody wants you to support the latest smartphone. Would implementing the newest release of Avaya Aura make any difference? At Avaya we think the answer is a resounding yes.

But don’t just take our word for it, let’s look at were Avaya aura has been since it was introduced and count some of the ways it can start benefiting your business today. Number one, SIP. SIP has taken off in enterprise networking. SIP trunks, endpoints, applications. SIP is everywhere, and while other vendors will help you add SIP to your network, Avaya Aura puts SIP at the core of your network so you can deploy the latest communications and collaboration capabilities when and where they matter most.

Number two, scalability. Avaya Aura can handle 50,000 calls completions per minute, across a global network, connecting 250,000 end points. All of this means that from the smallest configuration to the largest, Avaya Aura provides the best architectural solution. And when you need more capacity, for example to back up end points to multiple servers.

There's plenty of room to grow. Number three, virtualization. Now you can implement Avaya Aura using VMware. Get all the benefits less, hardware, more flexibility, lower costs, plus all the same Avaya power and reliability. Number four, mobility. Smart phones and tablets are everywhere. But did you know Avaya Aura turns a potentially chaotic bring your own device situation into a major enterprise advantage?

Now your employees can get the communications features on their mobile devices that they have on their desktop. Including presence, instant messaging, security, and easy to use interfaces like AVAYA FLARE® Experience powered by AVAYA AURA® Conferencing for enterprise-wide realtime collaboration. And that brings us naturally to number five, Collaboration.

As people work further apart, they need new tools to keep them working closer together. That's why the latest release of Avaya Aura supports integrated audio, video, and web-based conferencing. And because video is so important, Avaya Aura can now re-allocate bandwidth on the fly, so you get the video performance and quality you need without risking disruptions to any of your communications.

Number six, customer service. Avaya is already the global leader in contact center solutions and the powerful capabilities of Avaya Ora keep us there, like giving agents a single interface to respond to customers in the way customers feel most comfortable. The phone, webchat, email, or even video. And by automatically presenting the agent with information like the customer's interaction history, social media postings.

Even a list of people with the expertise to help that customer. And the seventh reason to upgrade to Avaya Aura today? Well, that's a tough one, so we'll let you decide. Is it Avaya Aura's industry leading resilience and reliability, including the ability to configure one N point to multiple servers?

Is it the new tab based administration, that allows lightning quick management of your entire enterprise network? Is it the energy efficiency that delivers immediate operational cost savings or is it the way Avaya Aura supports migration at your pace giving you the best opportunity to leverage your existing investments?

Much has changed for today's enterprise communications networks. Much more will continue to change. What won't change is how Avaya and Avaya aura lead the global market. Delivering real innovations that deliver real results. To learn more, download our free white paper. Talk to your Avaya representative. Start counting all the ways the latest capabilities of Avaya aura can benefit your business.

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