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LINE Demonstration

Demonstration shows how Avaya is helping to extend customer services capabilities into Japan's leading social messaging application.

>> Welcome to Gitex at Dubai. I am, Gitex here today to show the collaboration that we have with LINE, one of the largest social messaging platform in the world today with 200 over billion active users. LINE have been something offering what they call official's account to the enterprise, who can actually provide their working applications over LINE to serve their customer.

So, since last year, I think it's sometime in July, we have actually discussed with what is the best way of bringing customers on to LINE for them. So, after the discussion, right away we actually discussed that there will be actually three ways that Avaya can help. So, I have to bring customers service over LINE.

The number one first way is actually through IVR. So, what happened is that when customer call into the IVR contact center, we will give our customer a choice to ask them if they are a LINE user. Once they've confirmed that they are LINE user, we will give them like direct connections to the LINE official account with the customer.

The second method that we've done is via LINE call. So, when a customer actually go on to the LINE official account to surf any particular company websites, there's a choice for them to make a LINE call directly into a contact center that is powered by Avaya today. The third one, which I will demo later, is actually serving the customer via web chat and this is where we are playing a difference, very interesting things that we will be able to help the customer to provide a much better superior customer experience here, and I want to go to show here today.

Can you please come here? For LINE official accounts, this is like any of the friends you have over the social messaging platform. You need to acknowledge, confirm and become the fan of that official account. I'm going to show you what we have here as an example. This is actually an official account from Malaysia airline, one of the airlines flying out based in KL today.

So, make sure airline have a LINE official account today that you can actually go down to that to check the price schedule, things like that. Our discussion we've done is actually how we can bring things on to this part, to serve the customer better. So, in our demo here today, we actually set up case on what the account call Avaya experience.

This is actually, account that we use right to demonstrate LINE integrations. What our customer can do is that, in this scenario is that they have booked hotel, with Avaya experience, and they are due to travel to that hotel today. So, before they travel, they actually want to ask more about the location of their hotel.

What we have here today is that customer can pick up their LINE messaging platform and start to chat with the customer. What happen is that, if you notice today when you chat, how can I help you this is actually not answered by any agent yet. It is actually Avaya chatbot, that working behind to help address your question based on FAQ that is setup before.

What happen is that, if I want to find out more about the location of the hotel where I can connect you to that. Where is the nearest bus stop to your hotel, as an example. This is a very simple question that our chatbot will be able to understand.

So, what it do is that, it pick up some the key word. You want to know the location, the nearest bust stop, and respond that here. She sends them in back to you, to tell you that this is, actually, the bus stop nearest to the hotel over here, and from there, you have you're first info being addressed, and actually, I also want to confirm that my booking are all ready with them.

I can actually type something like, I want to check my booking. So, by answering my booking, while the chatbot can actually ask a little bit more question, do or write database deep to the back end and retrieve the booking back for you and tell you that. Now, by looking at it, I know my booking number and the check-in, check-out date and the room size that I have.

But now, I will notice that, oh I actually make a mistake, I want a twin bedroom instead of a king size bedroom, so this is where I will further ask, I want to change my booking. I want to change my room to twin bedroom, as an example. You know, chatbot will not be able to handle every single transaction that they have, right.

So in this case, chatbot notice that, oh sorry I need to actually involve an agent to help you further. If you look at it, for LINE social message platform, one interesting part there is they use a lot of stickers. People love stickers. This is our chat box, we'll be able to actually pick up the right sticker and use it.

It's like you are chatting with your friends here. So, now the call is actually hand over to agents to handle this because the chatbot are not authorized to do the transaction. The agent told me that they can actually help. What happened is that, the agent actually made the change for me, from king size bedroom, so I have two twin bedroom here.

If you can see from here, this is a twin bedroom. At the same time, right? This is what you will be able to see, is that actually agent will be able to see the entire transactions, or the entire conversation that I have with the bot, in to the agent desktop here.

When the transactions are all over, they are able to send me surveys, to do a survey. So, I will say that, I read a survey happy. It's an excellent survey that there is a back end system that in fact give us a coupon gift to do the next booking here.

This is one of the solution that we have with LINE. What it does basically is that, we integrate with the LINE chat, right? First, to a chat robot to help satisfy the customer requirement. If there are some transaction that the chat bot are not authorized to do, right, we were then handed over the entire interaction to the agent.

Agent will see from the screen part, to know what are the past conversation that I've had with the bot. Then I'll further write help, and site to me without asking me again- should I follow the authentication, validation of my record, all together. Followed eventually by surveys that they can do.

So, this is what we have done with LINE after the third integration that we have, offering a chat sruverys to the customer. Thank you.

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