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Laurent Philonenko on Exiting Chapter 11

With today's exiting of Chapter 11, we can entirely focus on providing innovative solutions and services to meet the growing needs of our customers and partners.

>> Today is a great day for Avaya as we exit chapter 11. Today, we can entirely focus a company on delivering experiences to our partners and customers. We have amazing people and technologies in the company. And what we are doing is, we are delivering new ways of communicating, new ways for businesses to treat their customers with fantastic experiences, new ways to add value to the world of communications.

This is what we do, we are going to do that in a world where we think it's very important to be open and we'll be the best company to partner with. Whether from a go-to-market point of view or from a technology point of view, we are going to continue to bring you Unix solution that have been known for a long time and we're just going to accelerate.

So watch out, the new Avaya is here to serve you. The new Avaya is here to bring a ton of innovation in a very sensible way to the marketplace. Thank you.

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