Landmark Bank Invests in Avaya So Their Customers Win

Landmark Bank uses omnichannel service to ensure their customers get the consistent experience they have come to enjoy.

>> Landmark Bank is a locally owned bank, we're in 3 states, 51 locations, 28 markets, about 650 employees. I'm Brenda Emerson, I'm the Chief Information Officer at Landmark Bank.
>> My name is Nick Kieffer, Retail Strategy Executive at Landmark Bank.
>> Landmark uses Avaya engagement technology for an active interaction with our customers and our bankers.


>> Landmark Bank's here for you philosophy is about being where our customers want, when they want, how they want, and in the ways that they want.
>> It might be a phone call. It might be an email. It might be a web chat. One of our strategic directions at Landmark is to grow our wealth management area.

We have some fantastic experts but we can't have them in every location. We're using Avaya video technology to leverage those experts to bring value and a personal relationship to those customers. The engagement technology Avaya provides is important because it's experiential. I've had somebody say to me, it feels like we're in person, it's that good.

I can see their face, I can see their smile.
>> One of the business benefits of using a Avaya technology internally, is increased level of banker engagement. Both with our board of directors who are interacting with us and between bankers across our geographic footprint.
>> We have board members who live across the country, across three states and on both coasts.

My CEO came to be and said, Brenda we've got to have better video conferencing. And, by the way, I need it in 60 days before the next board meeting. Avaya's been my long term communication partner. They delivered Scopia to us, we deployed 8 locations in 60 days. We have 15 locations now with 5 exec units, it's used everyday.


>> Avaya's helping in our customer service center by providing technology and the reporting that allows us to know whether we're meeting our objectives. The preferred banker model is part of our here for you banking philosophy. Where we want to get our customers as quickly as we can to the banker that they want to talk to.

Using Avaya technology to allow a customer to designate a banker, that then they call in the next time using a caller ID recognition, to go to the banker as quickly as they can, who they want to interact with.
>> So the business benefit for Landmark, for high engagement, is customer satisfaction.

They're going to tell their friends about, hey there's this great serviceat our local bank and that's different than our competitors. Landmark views Avaya as specialists in engagement technology. They provide video, contact center, and infrastructure for Landmark. But they're also our partner for future projects and services. When I imagine the future at Landmark Bank, it's very much technology centric.

Avaya as our partner is really exciting because they're helping us meet today's needs but also future needs and that's very exciting for Landmark