Get to Know Avaya OneCloud CCaaS

Our cloud-based, always on contact center helps you deliver your best experiences for both customers and employees. Connect all touch points, intelligently match customers with the best resources, predict needs, proactively engage, and empower employees to deliver in-the-moment experiences.

>> [MUSIC] Avaya OneCloud is a hassle-free, always on contact center that makes it easy for your organization to connect with your customers. Whether it's a phone call, an email, a chat session on your website, or a text message, Avaya OneCloud connects your customers to the best available employee at the time. Avaya OneCloud makes it easy for your organization to deliver an effortless customer experience across different devices and channels, be it voice, chat, email, SMS, and self-service automation, all while helping you to maximize employee and team performance. That said, great customer experiences are delivered by your incredible employees, not technology. Avaya OneCloud helps your employees to provide these experiences efficiently. You can be set up and ready to go on hours, not days or weeks, which really helps you prepare for planned activities, be it business as usual, the holiday rush, specials or promotions, as well as any unexpected or business continuity impacting events, and to do it all quickly. With flexible pricing and packaging, you can add more employees when you need them, access all capabilities, and immediately get new features and upgrades as they become available. With Avaya OneCloud, you're able to extend your contact center capacity to support remote office and work-from-home employees without compromising performance or poor productivity. A recent Metrigy study found that 57 percent of companies state that work from anywhere will improve employees' quality of life, which in turn could lead to lower attrition rates. Work-from-home is becoming the new normal, and best of all, you can rest easy with a worry-free deployment. You do what you do best, caring for your customers while we care for your communications environment.