IP Office in the Cloud

Cloud maybe new, but IP Office has powered over 600,000 businesses around the world. Bring these together, and you have a winning, proven combination delivering communications the way you want.

>> [SOUND] You're a growing business and to keep growing you need to give your people the tools they need to connect, communicate, and collaborate anytime, anywhere, on any device. You're thinking cloud, but to support the real-time communications and collaboration you rely on every day, it needs to be a proven solution designed for scalability and reliability, secure, easy to use, and ready to adapt to the way your organization really works.

That's why you want Avaya IP Office in the cloud. Avaya has taken its IP Office platform, the solution that's already powering hundreds of thousands of growing businesses around the world, with award winning telephony, unified communications, and contact center capabilities, and cloud enablement. Now the advanced voice and rich collaboration capabilities your people need are available anywhere.

Your customers get new ways to connect with you. And you get new ways to give your customers the experiences that set you apart from your competition. As your business changes or you adapt to seasonal fluctuations, Avaya IP Office Cloud adapts right along with you. You only pay for what you need, when you need it.

And if a disruption makes the cloud unavailable, it's ready for that too. Avaya IP Office Cloud is a unique hybrid solution that instantly fails over to back up capabilities installed at your business. You won't miss a beat. Just starting out in business? Choose the proven cloud solution with built-in reliability.

Already benefiting from IP Office in your business today? Moving to the cloud is a breeze. Keep all your numbers, features, even the same phones, and use your existing server as your backup. That's investment protection, and then some. You're headed to the cloud. Why not go there with a proven cloud solution that was designed for growing companies just like yours?

Don't settle for anything less. Get started today with Avaya IP Office in the Cloud.