Intelligent Huddle Room Experience

Turn meeting spaces into intelligent collaboration rooms.

>> In the past, we used our mobile phones as just that, a phone. Today, they're a portal to our favorite apps and services. In the same way, most huddle room solutions are designed to support only voice or video conferencing. When it comes to all those apps and collaboration services out there that we love to use, you are out of luck.

Avaya is changing that with Avaya IX collaboration unit CU-360. It gives you the conferencing and collaboration capabilities you need. And also allows you to access, run, and share your favorite Cloud based applications. Check up on social media. Review project status. Instantly present content stored in the Cloud. It works with all of your favorite video conferencing services, and is ready to support future capabilities such as artificial intelligence.

If it's available on your personal smartphone, it can now be in your huddle room. Set it up in less than five minutes.


The remote with the full keyboard keeps you in control or use a touch screen. Have multiple huddle room spaces you wanna transform? Put the Avaya IX collaboration unit CU360 in every one of them. It's that affordable. Bring the smartphone experience into your huddle rooms. The Avaya IX collaboration unit CU360.

Trust Avaya to get it right.