Insights Gained Lifecycle of a Call Video

Avaya Speech Analytics makes it easy to analyze recorded voice conversations with its advanced phonetic speech search technology that identifies key words and phrases in audio recordings.  See and hear the business insights gained through this example of a customer speaking with a contact center agent.

>> Hi, this is Greg. How can I help you today?
>> Hi Greg, I'm calling for a quote on a monthly plan?
>> Okay, great. Can I take your name?
>> Yes, it's Helen Woods.
>> Thank you. Are you with another provider at the moment?
>> Yeah, I've been with them for years, but they've just raised my contract price.


>> And are you at the end of your contract with them?
>> Yes, it was due for renewal last week.
>> Are you looking to upgrade your phone?
>> I'm happy with the phone I have, but I do want to keep my number.
>> Okay, that's fine. Do you have any free minutes or texts with your current plan?


>> Yeah, I have unlimited minutes and texts. I also need three-way calling.
>> Okay, we've a couple of plans for you that include those features. Are you close to a computer? If so, I can show you them on-screen.
>> I am, but that's the reason I'm calling. The page with the business call plans shows there's a loading error.


>> I'm sorry about that. I'll get our website department to look into the error. I'll take you through the two plans over the phone then. Our World Traveler bundle is $180 a month with three-way calling plus unlimited domestic calls and texts, 1,000 international minutes included with local call rates thereafter, and five cents per international text.


>> That's more than I'm paying now and I have no international minute limit.
>> Okay, so let's look at the business select traveler. With that plan you pay $125 a month, you get three way calling, unlimited calls to anywhere but only two gigabytes per month of free internet access from anywhere as opposed to five with the world traveler bundle.


>> That's $10 more than I'm paying now.
>> It does include optional free phone insurance for the first six months, which is normally $5 per month.
>> Really? That's great. My current provider charges $20 a month.
>> If you're happy with the business select traveler package, do you want to state your order now?


>> Yeah, please. Thank you.
>> Okay, great. I'll transfer you over to the ordering team who will process your order for you, including the free transfer of your existing number, and your fee will be covered by our insurance once the order is complete.
>> Sounds great. Will you send me something in writing?


>> Yes. You'll receive an email with the details, and once the ordering team competes your order, you'll also receive an SMS confirming service. Can we call you in a couple of weeks to make sure you're happy with our service?
>> Sure, that'd be fine. Thanks, Greg, you've been very helpful.


>> No problem. I'll pass you over now, and thanks for your time.


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