Fast-Growing Citadel Bank Leverages Innovative Technology

See how a regional fast-growing bank chose Avaya Oceana to meet all their members' communication needs.

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We are a financial institution, so we provide banking products, investment products, insurance products, and lending products. And Citadel has become a much larger institution with many more branches, many more members to serve. Online technologies have increased substantially over the years. So we have a very dynamic and sophisticated call center operation with additional technologies, including online chat, web chat, remote call centers, in branch call centers, and then online services to complement that.

I think the customer base for Citadel has demanded better service from us, better technologies, more flexibility. They wanna be able to contact us in any manner possible and have a seamless experience across all of those channels, so we've had to implement the technologies to keep up with that.


>> And I think that's one of the things that drove us towards the Oceana product. Citadel Federal Credit Union is gonna have the ability now to interact with our customers on all the different social media applications and all the different channels that our customers want to reach out to us.

And then Avaya Oceana is gonna help with that. We can pull all of our communication channels into one product. And pull our resources together that are now on varied teams, so that they can more easily switch from channel to channel, maybe from phone calls to chat, or vice versa, depending on the demand that's coming in from our customer.

With the Oceana, we can bring our chat in and and we can have the same chat in our online banking product as we do with our website. And they can hear the same messages as they would on an inbound phone call, or they'll get the same type of response on a fax or an email or what have you.


So one of the things that drove us to the Oceana product is just how forward-thinking that Avaya is, and how that's gonna help Citadel be able to reach our customers, cuz that's how they wanna communicate with us.
>> Much more seamless than having different providers of products, and for our employee base, a lot easier to function.

Citadel also visited the Avaya Technical Center in New York. We were able to see a lot of demos of the systems that they have there, and you can tell that they have that future mindset built into the product. So there's many aspects of Oceana, for example, that we may not need to utilize immediately, but we know that there's a lot of growth potential there.


>> From an administration standpoint, having administered several different competitive products, I think the Avaya, hands down, is the easiest communications platform to administer.
>> We've actually had Avaya products and services for well over 20 years. So it's been a long-standing part of our environment, so we just keep building on it, it's been a very strong solution for us.