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Improving the Customer Experience through Digital Transformation

Welcome to Avaya ENGAGE Las Vegas 2017.  View Mark Castleman, VP of Corporate Strategy, keynote on learning how to improve the customer experience through digital transformation.

>> Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Mark Castleman, Vice President of Corporate Strategy, Avaya.


>> Good morning. Glad everybody could make it down here today, thank you for joining me this morning. So, I'm here to share with you some customer experience, of course, and digital transformation, and we're gonna have, we're gonna highlight two of our really fine examples of what this looks like.

But before I get into that, what I wanna do is give you a sort of a word picture of what digital transformation looks like from a customer experience perspective. So if you think about times in the past, where companies had a product. And they took that product, and they worked on that product, and they put it into the marketplace.

And then, our customers approach that product and they have an experience with the product. And the experience with the product is sort of a proxy for the experience with the company, or the relationship with the company. Well, what digital transformation is about is the immersion of that, where your customers, when they have a relationship with the company, the company is also the product.

And this is why digital transformation is so relevant, that the company is now at the center of how customers interact. So when you transform your organization, what you're doing is you're sharing that reality with your customers. And as they interact with your business, they become connected to you, and they become connected to your product.

So we're gonna talk to two customers this morning who have done just that. They're at the top of their field, in both hospitality and sports entertainment, globally. These two organizations have taken what was a product and turned it into an experience, and that experience draws people in across the board.

So first, I'd like to introduce to you Jared Shawlee, come on up, Jared. Jared is the COO of, thank you, Jared's a-
>> Thanks, Jared. Jared is the COO of the San Jose Earthquakes, which is an MLS soccer team, located in San Jose, California. So, Jared, I hear you have some experiences that you brought to us today, so, what are we gonna see this morning?


>> I do, I have a quick video to start with.
>> All right, let's go in.


Awesome. So it's nice to bring a little bit of that experience here, and so Jared, tell me about what where looking at here. We've got a nice graphic showing all of the technologies that you've brought to bear, and it's impacting not only your organization, and the fans, and the outside community.

But give me a sense of what it looks like to acquire the technology, and put it into practice for your operation.
>> Sure, and what Mark didn't mention, we are the San Jose Earthquakes, our home stadium is Avaya Stadium, in San Jose, so, we are customers of each other.

If you look back on how this came to be, it's an interesting journey, it started off for us, we were building a brand new facility in Silicon Valley. We knew we needed to be for thinking technologically, easier said than done, right? We know how to run the soccer side of the business, we know how to sell tickets, we didn't know as much about technology.

So as conversations with Avaya kicked off, I had already met with technology companies all over the valley, nobody had the right solution for us at the stadium. Avaya had the wi-fi, the switches, the routers, the backend system that we needed, the call center for our employees. But what we didn't realize, and what we were able to put together with the Avaya team, was a complete end to end solution for a stadium.

And it went from beyond the back office, to fan facing technology. So, Avaya powers our stadium app, Avaya has installed fan engagement walls at Avaya Stadium, where fans can post pictures to social media in real time, and see those images up on the board. And so it's really, for us, become just a 360 technology partnership, where Avaya's enabled the great fan experience that we have at the stadium.


>> So give me a sense for some of the things that you were sharing earlier, about the fan engagement, and the connection with the actual environment, and how you all are truly transforming that for your fans, and share that with the audience.
>> Yeah, the key for us, as a major league soccer team, we're still battling for relevancy and growth, and obviously one of the easy ways to do that is to enable social activity for our fans, post fun pictures from the game, share that with their friends.

The system that Avaya has deployed for us makes that possible in real time. The wifi is extremely strong, the fans are encouraged to do that by seeing their pictures up on the board, but that was just phase one. So as we enter this season, this'll be our third season in the new stadium.

We wanna continue to innovate and continue to put out new technology. We're actually gonna become the first soccer team, I think worldwide, definitely within the US, to go to entire, just digital tickets. So we're gonna do away with the old paper tickets, and have all of our fans scan into the stadium through the Avaya Stadium app.

This will be a new change for us and we're really excited, because it's gonna give us so much more data about our fans, when they're arriving, what their experience is like, and we think it's gonna be very transformative going forward.
>> Excellent, well, one of the things I noticed when I went to Avaya Stadium is the openness, and it has a very international appeal to it.

And so I understand that because of all the work that you all have done, and through the technology and the experience, it's become quite a magnet for folks from all over the world. So tell us how you guys have really moved to the top of the stack with them.


>> Yeah, we, as I mentioned, we wanted to be an innovator in this space. Soccer is the oldest sport, especially in Europe, a lot if these stadiums are not as advanced as the ones in the US, so we've actually had teams come over to play us at Avaya stadium, so that they can see what we're doing.

It started off in the first year in 2015, we had Manchester United come and play the Earthquakes. So you're talking about one of the top three teams in the entire world, and it just spiraled from there. We've had Club America, we've had Arsenal, Liverpool, really just the big names in world soccer coming to 18,000 seat Avaya stadium to see what we're doing, so it's been a special experience for us.

For me, as a soccer fan, it's been amazing to get to meet some of these people and have them come play at our venue.
>> Excellent, well, so, I understand you guys had a game the other night, and so we're gonna bring a little bit of the experience here, we've got some, we've got full fan experience coming right now.

All right, you ready?
>> I heard Mark played football, so he's gonna have a better arm than me.
>> I well, yeah, I played the other kind of football.
>> [LAUGH]
>> But, for today, I will play the international brand of football. So we had a game.
>> We had a game Saturday here in Las Vegas, the Earthquakes were playing LA Galaxy, our big rivals, we're in pre-season right now, so our season officially kicks off in two weeks, but we're gonna do a quick trivia.

Does anybody know the score of the game that was here in Vegas this past Saturday?
>> Zero to zero.
>> [LAUGH] Close. Very close.
>> [LAUGH]
>> It was one, zero, Earthquakes, so, very soccer score with a late goal.
>> I think-
>> I heard it from the back, over here?


>> I think we had two that yelled that out, did anybody say one, zero over here?
>> [LAUGH]
>> [LAUGH]
>> Here, we'll just throw some of these out, here you guys go.
>> That hurt.
>> One over here.
>> All right, you ready? Yeah.
>> Nice catch.


>> There you go, last one.


All right.
>> Awesome.
>> So a couple other things here real quick, and by the way, we did want to have one of those pneumatic guns, but I think that that's not allowed.
>> I don't think people do that anymore. [LAUGH]
>> That's an experience though, right? So, just to wrap up in this brief conversation, just tell us what's coming next in terms of schedule, games, let's invite the folks to come to the Avaya Stadium to see a couple games.


>> Yeah, we're gonna kick off the season March 4th, a much improved Earthquakes team this year, we've had a great experience in the stadium the last two years, but we have missed the playoffs. So we have a new General Manager, we've got five to six new international players, so we're really excited for this upcoming year.


>> And certainly, look for the Avaya folks, and when you do make that visit, make sure you come visit us as well. And also, if you have any questions about how that all played out operationally, or whatever, please talk to us, talk to Jared, and get to know how that can work for your organization as well.

Thanks, Jared.
>> Thanks, Mark.
>> [SOUND]
>> So, here again at MGM, please take advantage of all the fantastic experiences that you have available to you, the restaurants, the venues, I mean, the rooms are amazing, I don't know if you guys are experiencing that, fantastic. So we looked at two industries, we looked at sports and entertainment, we looked at hospitality.

And there are many of you out here that are involved in maybe financial service, or insurance, or healthcare, and these are industries that are equally ripe for this type of transformation. So any time you put your customer at the center of what your focus is, you can transform.

Now keep in mind, that transformation process is not just about the customer at the center, it's about how they're interacting with you. And this is why we're so excited to about some of these new technologies that Gary and others have introduced, particularly workflow type technologies, where you can really usher and marshal your customer into the solution.

I've met many of you over the past couple of days, as well as prior to coming here, and I would encourage you to get involved in our look forward. The innovation that we're trying to bring to the marketplace, and I would also encourage you to reach out to any folks on my team, or the teams around you, to see if we can bring the same type of transformation experience to your organization as well.

So, thank you for your time. [APPLAUSE]
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