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Avaya TV

Hotel of the Future Video

High end hotels and casinos are always in competition for clientele. Using Avaya technology, guests can expect a video tour of their destination, links to relevant information about the area, and customization ensuring clients have the best possible experience. This is how Avaya believes technology will be used to create the ultimate guest experience.

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The goals for the hospitality industry of the future aren't different from today's. It's not only to fill rooms, but to create a stellar guest experience that leads to repeat business. And in a future, not too long from now, a traveler will be able to use outward reaching, customizable, collaborative technologies and tools to envision a trip, plan the logistics, and enjoy a stay, and feel like a preferred customer at every step.

Using technology so connected, systems so automatic and so integrated in the travelers lifestyle, she doesn't give it a second thought. The first introduction to the personalized attention she can come to expect is a video chat in the video concierge, Frabizio. He gives her a virtual tour of the hotel.

And since she mentioned she loves to dance, he shows her she has come to the right place. After booking the room, automatically she gets information on her travel arrangements, and links she may find useful before her trip. The week before her trip, she receives automated, personalized messages from Fabrizio, updating details and offering additional services.

She authorizes linking her stored personal profile to the hotel's communication network, including preferences for pillows, room temperature, mini bar requests and even her music playlist. On travel day Fabrizio wishes her a good trip, and introduces her to the on-site concierge, Antonio, who will greet her at the hotel.

When she arrives, the NFC ID in her communication device, is picked up by the hotel transceiver, and triggers a number of automatic events. She feels right at home. She attends a quick meeting.
>> We have a few things to go over. Jackie, you wanna start your report now?


>> Well I think there's a lot of-
>> Then heads for dinner.


She's handed a device that reveals a customized menu based on her profile preferences. After ordering, she syncs the menu card with her personal device and she posts a message about her experience.


Besides being a security feature, the GPS sensor built into her luggage tag alerts the staff to her location as she leaves the lobby. She gets a live thank you from a familiar face and a summary of loyalty points she earned. The hotel of the future surrounds the guest 360 degrees from the first moment of contact with unintrusive but pervasive cloud based services.

The hotel becomes the service center, facilitating the whole travel package, acting as the virtual concierge for every travel need, available 24/7 from booking to checkout.


Cost effective, loyalty inducing automated information sharing and real-time hospitality team collaboration. Contact Avaya for a consultation about optimizing the future, with communications that improve efficiency, are guest focused, and engender customer loyalty.

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