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Hospitality Demonstration

Demonstration of an easy to use digital guest experience that can be  customized or integrated into other applications to meet specific business requirements.

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Welcome, my name is Frederick Sabty. I'm the Vice President for Avaya Hospitality Globally. What I'm gonna show you today as a demo is actually the demo of hospitality. What do we do in hotels and how do we integrate using Bliss platform. How do you use the SDK to do the next generation of hotels and do the next generation of technology that sits into the hotel business.

It's very focused on what we have as applications, what we have products from Avaya and how we integrate all of these bits and pieces, IoT, Chatbot, all these functionalities, even Google Dot to change the guest experience to the next level. So I'm gonna take you through an application that we built with some eco-partners, which is called Avaya Houdini.

Houdini is an application that fits on a biovantage, can fit on any device, which is sitting on either Android or iOS. So the application will give you the chance to be able to communicate with all the stuff using the way you wanna communicate, either voice or video. And also integrate to all the IoT devices that are available in the room, light control, AC, door camera, and much more.

The idea about all that is taking the next level of hotels. You go to the room, you can ask the room, switch on the lights, the lights will go on, you can tell him night, night. The system will answer you back I hope you have a good night's sleep, I'm switching off the lights for you.

Or even, let's say, with the simple words I'm hungry, pushing you the menu. Or being on the call with someone and be able to do that call and while you're on the call have someone push information to you. Which is relevant to the discussion that you're having, so, again, it's a unique niche that we're delivering and that application is unique in the market.

Because, you see, all the application vendors, they do application, but they don't have embedded the voice functionalities using our Avaya SDK, using Equinox embedded into all the communication that we deliver and take the guest to the next generation. Okay as we said initial l will show you the demo life, so this is actually our Vantage Phone which your all probably familiar of.

Vantage has two flavor, has one with the cameras and one without the camera, you can see there's no camera here. So the thing is that even when we look at clients, sometimes looking at maybe they get offended and having the camera inside. So we have built a phone with no camera specifically for the rooms.

Now again, you have the cable headset and the Bluetooth headset so the guest, all the hotels can specifically design which one they want to have. The application as you see, this is the gamble sample of that application, is actually the same application that runs on an Avaya Vantage and the guest mobile.

So the guest when he checks in he'll see the URL which he can download the application his own device. Now if you look at the example I'm speaking about IoT, IoT in this scenario I'm gonna show you I'm gonna put the lights on. I could do them using the Google Doc which that application by just clicking here.

And having the phone that will tell me Google docs and within all of the functionalities. Because of all the sounds around me I will not be able to show you that live, but example by just pressing one button here on the phone you see that all the lights surrounding the stand are going on.

I can switch individually one, I can even dim, have the functionality of dimming the functionalities inside the room. So, example, looking at the dimmer there you go. There you go, the dimming is happening so these are the our first IOT integration with the new management system. The second part I'm gonna show you is gonna be how we control the AC.

And if you see next to me here, there is another device which is the-
>> What's the panel?
>> The panel that you see in the hotel. I can switch off the AC, I can switch it on, I can set up the temperature, let's say, to 22 degrees.

If I press on the arrow here, you will see 22 degrees set up. Okay, so we can see that the dimming functionality, I can do the temperature control, speed of the AC, but in anytime I can do the same from my own mobile. So using the mobile, the application which is for the room management, I can go back to the AC and switch off the AC, if example I'm on the beach or I'm on the swimming pool.

I can be able switch off the AC prior for me going to the room, I can do all the functionalities that I want, play the TV. Have video in demand being played, request for rapid dining to be delivered inside the room from my mobile and again from the device by itself by just clicking on the in room dining and having the full menu.

That menu can also be pushed to me while I'm on the phone having a conversation with an agent, the agent will be able to push that information out to me which is relevant to the discussion that we're having. So again you see that technology is being all integrated into our Vantage Phones imbedded into the Breeze application in case notification, imbedded with Equinox completely in the heart of the hospital dissolution.

So, we're not doing just the Vantage, we're doing Vantage Beyond which brings the experience to the next level and keeping the guest to use it the way he wants. If it's on his own mobile, or from the hotel room.

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