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Happiness Index on Blockchain

Demonstration of a blockchain network which connects various Avaya  demos to securely collect and integrate data from multiple sources (e.g. contact centers, emails, social media, web and chat platforms), and using analytics, turns data into actionable insights.

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Hi today, we are going to demonstrate use case where we have brought three new technologies into a complete use case where you can actually study customer behavior patterns. The use case start with utilizing the Avaya Oceana on the channel platform where the customers are interacting with the agents through multiple channels.

Channels can be voice, video, email, chat and even SMS. And through these interactions, you are doing realtime analytics either voice analytics or text analytics. Here we are using one of our deaf connect AI engines, and they are analyzing all the interactions between the customer and the agents. Once this interaction has been analyzed, you'll be able to collect the sentiments from the customers to understand how happy are they with this interaction.

The outcome of this sentiment Is being sent directly into a Blockchain network without any human intervention. The Blockchain network is allowing us in this case to collect data from multiple resources where we are having no security issues. Goes data on being encrypted and written in the Blockchain in realtime and even on online designed Blockchain private for GITEX.

So we have built a private block chain for GITEX and we have connected of our demos, some demos here are representing financial sector like banks. Other representing hospitalities and even some representing government sector. And we are collecting sentiments of customers interacting with this demo stand and we are putting the data on the Blockchain network securely without knowing what is the source of the information.

So even if you have two or three different customers who can be competitors in the market, there is no challenge for them to disclose any data about the customers because all the data has no source details. But actually it represent more of customer behaviors then customer information itself.

Using this kind of technologies is allowing us today to go to smart cities, is allowing us today to go into different of our big enterprise customers who want to bring data from their interactions with their customers with different geographical locations. And then wants to run on top of it other analytics to understand the customer behavior patterns and also understand where they should improve this service, and the best thing is also to achieve customer happiness and satisfaction from this service.

So the key and messages for us is, in Avaya, being on the front end between an agent and a customer among multiple channels is being rich in data. The data that can be analyzed in realtime, can be placed online in a secure way and Avaya using this emerging technology is allowing smart governments, is allowing big enterprises to run such kind of analytics online, making sure that the data is integrity.

And also making sure that all the data being written is related to real customer interaction without any human intervention to the data.

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