Guest Experience is Everything Video

See how to use technology to improve your guest experience.

>> What does the hotel of the future look like? It's live chatting with an agent before booking your room online. And then video chatting with the concierge, to let them know, you're running a little late. I'm running a little late.
>> No problem. We're looking forward to having you stay here again.


>> It's using the phone in your room to get a peek at the amenities. Or to sync a property map to your mobile device. [SOUND] It's a hotel bar that knows you are on sight and offers you a discount on your favourite drink. It's using your mobile device to charge hotel purchases like dinner directly to your room.

Or [SOUND] using it as a room key. It's getting ready for bed, without having to get out of bed. The hotel of the future is already here. [SOUND] One second, awesome. As I was saying, a Avaya's solutions like these enhance the overall guest experience, driving repeat and referral business to your hotel.

So what does the hotel of the future look like? Looks a lot like Avaya.
>> Avaya, because guest experience is everything.